Oven restarting thread, updates&fixes

420pm PST 8/18 update
We’ve identified the error for Oven resets, and we have pushed out a solution.

We’ve released a new firmware update today (8/18, PST) to bring our users to the latest update (1.1.32), with the fix for the Anova Oven resetting.

To get the update, you can do one of the following:

Leave your oven plugged in, and it will auto-update overnight in the next few days
Manually update to the latest firmware by following the update firmware process in your Anova Oven in-app settings.

920am PST 8/17 update:
We’re seeing customers coming back online overnight/today with the below fix. The oven reset issue should get resolved when you perform a full reset on your Oven.

Hi all,

Earlier this evening we started receiving reports from oven users that their oven was resetting every 30s to 2min in a constant loop.

We believe we’ve identified the issue and a fix is forthcoming.

Please do a full factory reset as detailed below.
Note, this will remove all existing connections to your oven and you will need to reconnect to WIFI.

Press and hold the wifi icon for 8 seconds. Then while holding the WIFI icon, press and hold the play button until the handle scrambles.

Your oven will then display the following behavior:

Display lights up fully
Oven reboots.

Next steps:
Put oven into pairing mode (Press & Hold WiFi button)
Pair with app
Update firmware to latest as the app prompts to do so.

I’ll be updating this thread further as more info comes in.


what time will that equate to in Melbourne Australia?

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The current Melbourne time: 320pm (as of me replying). To get to 7am local Australia time, it would be effectively 16 hours from now.

You’re welcome to do the secondary step of a full factory reset if that isn’t fast enough, and should also resolve your issue. It does have the added steps of re-updating firmware along with re-connecting WIFI, which is why we recommend it as the second option.

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Thanks Bill
so many different time zones in Canada and wasnt sure where you were. Thanks for the prompt reply, I will do as suggested.

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Just a quick note from a friendly DevOps engineer with a little time on his hands.

Cyclic restarts after an auto update of firmware is a terrible outcome. Most users will go through a lot of troubleshooting that is useless. What can be done to ensure a better end user experience in the future?

Perhaps logic to catch when an oven restarts x times in a certain time window? Then force it to latch the default/base stable firmware image. Then ensure a message is shown showing the base image loaded due to fw errors?

Also, can end users opt out of automatic firmware updates? I like stable builds and will happily wait to see how a load works in the field before taking it on.

All the best with the fix.



I did a full restart. And it does not fixed it.

Odd, I have been using my oven all day without an issue. I did do a reset last week just after the firmware update. I’m in Melbourne Australia. Should I still turn off the oven?

Advise the people to NOT use the oven!!! Mine almost catches on fire!!!

See my post in the Facebook group


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Using my oven last night the temperature probe was giving false readings. Went from 12celcius to 80celcius in cold salmon in about a minute! Is this related to the update too?

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Um… well the oven is meant to go up to 250C. That’s 480F. What’s the problem?

That it was set to 170F! And that started smoking and went over the maximum temperature and shut off. Triggering the smoke alarm. This was working perfectly fine before this firmware update.

I noticed that originally (when looping) the firmware version was 1.1.31, after reset and OTA update it was downgraded to 1.1.23. Suppose the earlier version was buggy, because now the issue has disappeared.

Well that would explain the repeating beep sound. Also it went completely haywire, heating the crap out of my food and the probe indicated as such too. It was set to 250F. Since so many people have this issue it sounds like poor/non-existent SQA to me. Please try to do better in the future, I’d like to not burn my house down thank you very much.

You are so much kinder than me Alex and more measured in your words.

This is shamefully inept.


Can anyone explain the tech m jumbo Jumbo that came out regarding the failed update that was sent thereby crippling my ability to use the piece of crap???>?

Yes. Anova fucked up beautifully. Firmware update failure = quality failure. Too much marketing and self-congratulation. Bricked own device. Need answers from the C suite. Incompetent. The Precision update should have failed any sort of QA rather than being released everywhere. And very poor reactive comms. They fucked up big time. They don’t talk.

Like a broken arm, great when it works

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OK I finaly have the Anova Oven in a stable state after following BillCS Guy@Anova, Canadian recommended steps to fix the issue. The Firmware has gone back to 1.1.23 version (obviously a previous stable version) and it has stopped the continuious restart loop. Lets hope this is a fix and that this wont happen again. You would think that Anova would beta test their software before final implementation. Imagine if this happened on a Tesla Car while you were driving it !!!. Thank god I wasn’t away from my house while this was happening!!! would it have cause the oven to short out or overheat with the constant rebooting??. Very concerned.