Ovens Stopped Working Due To An Automatic Firmware Update

Is there any way to turn off automatic updates?

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Did you find a way to recover? Mine is just restarting every 30s or so. They should have a fallback firmware option

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@anovaculinary mine is doing the same as @AlexDP. There is some kind of process running in the back of the unit (sounds like a fan), then there’s an soft-but-audible click, and the unit restarts with the three chimes. Every once in a while, the rear fan runs.

The previous update a couple of days ago stuttered – ringing the “complete” chimes multiple times at the end of every cook, and sending me multiple “Cook complete” notices on my phone.

I have had to unplug the oven.

This needs to be addressed immediately, please.

Any information is appreciated.

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Hi I think im having the same problem (we are in Australia. Wasn’t using my oven when it suddenly made the completed pre heat noise you know the beep beep noise. on investigation i found the oven going through a 30 second cycle of shutting off and restarting and its stuck in that loop. I have turned off the power and restarted it and also disconnected from the wi fi and tried that, paired it again all to no avail. Icant stop the cycle, itwas fine when i last used it last night. Just prior to the cycle starting I can hear a faint click click from the bottom right hand corner (sounds like a switch or a solenoid clicking) . not sure what to do next. app says firmware is 1.0.32 but not sure how to find out when was updated.
any ideas anyone.

@anovaculinary this is exactly what my unit is doing.

A little help?

Check the other posts. A non Anova workariund offered to factory reset. Hold power plus wifi until you get some message that’s not wifi code.

Add me to the list guys - Mine started doing this about 30min ago. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot but it’s doing exactly like you all have described.

Sounds like something running in the background and it does the 3 chimes every 30sec or so. I try starting the oven manually and it runs for 10sec then does the chimes and goes back to the display setting before I started a cook.

Really annoying and I hope they address this quickly because my oven is non-functional now.

hi Joe greetings from OZ
is your firmware the same number as mine? when did yours update?

I’ll add to this: My oven – which I have not run since Saturday – is clearly doing something, because it is full of condensation.

@AlexDP , I don’t see a previous post on the topic. Does that post suggest that a reset worked?

@Tony1 my app claims the firmware is 1.1.31

Same problem here. Got this code number.

Boot loop on 1.1.31. It worked for 2 users, the poster of the workaround and another. I will try when Anova get off the asses to respond.

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keep holding, that’ the wifi setup I believe.

Saw that Alex and I tried it. Did absolutely nothing for me unfortunately. Also tried repairing and connecting to WiFi and still no luck.

Damn. Well, this is going to be an interesting experience for Anova re Quality Control :grin:

Interesting twist: Has anyone else got an oven full of condensation? Mine was wet with condensation – all five walls and the door – and the oven actually appears to have self-cleaned. It wasn’t particularly dirty to begin with, but, after a wipe down, it’s spotless (if currently unpowered).

Again, have not used the oven since Saturday, so there is zero reason for it to have any humidity in it at all. But I also haven’t cleaned it in weeks, and I do use it at least three times a week, and this is what it currently looks like.

Now got this code.

I think that’s the pairing code Ken if I’m not mistaking. It will change each time you hold down teh WiFi symbol on your display to give you a new code to pair with.

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Hi Ken
I think that may be the generated re pairing code that you get when you hold the wi fi icon for 5 seconds

Any other thoughts?

I’m Just going through the report a problem on the app. ill see what they say

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