Ovens Stopped Working Due To An Automatic Firmware Update

Not really Ken - Looking to be a bad firmware update. We will jsut have to wait for Anova to get a patch out for it. Ideally if they have a way to revert to the previous firmware version then that would at least get our ovens working for the time being.

Hey all. We’re aware of the issue and investigating the problem. Right now we recommend unplugging the oven, and we will update as soon as we can. Right now, drop a note to support@anovaculinary.com and we can make sure to contact you there with the fix as well.

On it! See update above! Thanks Joe :fist_left:

Dropped a note via the app. Thank you Anova team for jumping on it!

Just submitted a trouble ticket to Anova support, I noticed the boot loop about 1.5 hours ago, the firmware update basically made the oven unusable. I attempted to turn it on and it will reboot every 15-20 seconds. I tried resetting it by holding wifi and power button and set it up again with 2 different phones with no luck. Since the device keeps rebooting on its own, I am not even sure if Anova can do another firmware push to correct the issue. Hopefully, there is a debug/firmware update mode that can prevent the device to reboot, otherwise the flashing process can never be done unless we ship it back to them.

Hold them longer champ… I got this on the display eventually, and it has finally settled down now. The oven is restored, but I won’t connect to wifi until Anova fix the firmware. Plus, auto updates are a crazy business model.

Misery loves company I suppose. I’ve tried re-starting, disconnecting from app and reconnecting. So far, no joy. I’ll just have to unplug so it will shut up. Does it look like this video for everyone else?. Can anyone from Anova give us the definitive answer. I can’t listen to this all night.

Hi Joe
Your oven is awesomely clean. What do you use to clean it ? any tips

Thanks Joe my firmware is 1.1.31 I mistakenly thought mine was 1.0.32 but that was the app version.

Hej anovaculinary,
I like to repeat the question from the OP, Is there any way to turn off automatic updates?

They did reply four or five notes above yours. Look up ^^^^

Not really. Like I said, it was not this clean when it went into the booting loop, but sometime during the four or five hours leading up to me noticing the problem, it filled with condensation, and this is the result when I wiped the condensate down.

When I do clean it intentionally, I use an aerosol oven cleaner, and every third or fourth cleaning, I boil about a cup of vinegar and water mixed 2-1 water-to-vinegar. But I don’t think this is due to that.

So, do you suspect that your oven perhaps turned on, heated some steam and then turned off during this reboot loop? If so I would never dare to leave it unplugged, someone else had his oven at 400F instead of 170 as programmed. The QA department really messed up with this. I had decided to buy the oven once the water tank issues were fixed but now I have to think again.

Thanks for the info wasn’t sure if you could use an aerosol oven cleaner. Will give it a try.
will give mine a reboot as suggested by Anova in about 8 hrs time as they say the problem fix will automatically be in place with a software fix.

Oven working ok now.
Have posted in the Oven Restarting thread (Updates and Fixes)

I honestly have no idea. I just know it was filled with condensation and surprisingly self-cleaned.