1.1.31 causing boot loop

My oven updated started boot looping around 8:05pm MDT tonight. The app shows I was pushed the firmware update for 1.1.31.


My APO started beeping and resetting every 30 seconds sometime in the past few hours. I didn’t notice when the last update went through, but I’m also currently on 1.1.31.

Same. Started now middle of night. What a pain.

For me too. The oven is useless now. Is there a way to turn off updates?

Mine started sometime around 8 pm as well

This also happened to me very close to 8:00pm MDT today. I just sent an email in to their support. It will reboot even after a cooking cycle has been started, and even after hard resetting via unplugging the appliance. It’s now effectively bricked. I hope they have an easy way for users to reset the device to factory settings or I fear it is permanently bricked. Thankfully I am within the first 100 day return window on my purchase.

Same issue about 9:00pm central. Unusable now.

Mine too- sent an email as well . Now what? No way to reset?

Same here. Keeps resetting and displaying 150F. Won’t heat, won’t reset after unplug and re-plug. Looks like it might be bricked.

Same here, rebooting every 10 secs or so. Updated firmware last week

Same here. It started at about 10:30pm EDT. It is looping. Will send support an email. It seems that they will be overwhelmed. I may just unplug the oven.

Same here. It just keeps restarting and won’t go to standby.

The problem seems to be the oven is stuck in a loop trying to connect to somewhere. I disconnected the oven from WiFi by going through the network setup, then abandoned setup in midway. That stopped the loop and works fine again. However, now it is just a manual oven. Let’s hope they issue a fix soon.

Same here. Ended up unplugging the oven.

Borking the firmware is a big issue guys. My device only stays up for less than a minute before restarting itself. No way a firmware update could be pushed to recover in that time. I’ve only had it for a few months here in Australia.
Looking for a clean restore process here Anova, like some factory firmware we can go to.

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Ugh, my oven is boot looping every 25 seconds.

Imagine the cumulative screams across the world as dinner is ruined.

I want to leave it on so that it can get the next emergency update, but I’m not even sure it can update in this boot loop it only has 25 seconds. Does anybody know how to do a factory reset?

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I also just started having this issue. It doesn’t seem to happen if you disconnect it from wifi.

Also, I’ve found you’re able to hold the both power and wifi buttons together to do a factory reset and get it back to the original firmware. At first, when you hold them it will just display the wifi paring code, but keep holding them and it will eventually go to a segment-check type display and then after another moment it will chime and return to normal, back on the original firmware.

I haven’t received any info from Anova or anything about that procedure, so proceed at your own risk. I don’t know if there’s any inherit danger in doing that.


I have the same problem. Now I have to unplug the oven so how will I get the fix? Where is the QA in this company. Not the first issues with FW I have had

lol, we are in a new frontier here peeps… choose your own support :rofl:

The “factory reset worked, but now I have to go through the terrible Anova process of connecting to WiFi again…ugh…

I’d hold up on that until the next fw is released btw