Firmware Update Bricked APO

Bummed that this is my first post… I’m guessing this post will be more of a commentary, but if, after reading this, anyone has any suggestions, I’d HUGELY appreciate them. Thanks!

I bought an APO a few weeks ago. It was delivered on 6/9 and given to my wife as a gift on 6/14. Yesterday, 6/16 I added her as a user via the QR code scan. Immediately after adding her, HER phone showed a firmware update message. I don’t recall if it gave the option to ignore, but regardless, I hit “update.”

Not sure what version of firmware shipped with the APO, but the upgrade was to 1.2.10. Things started normally at first and we didn’t pay much attention. When we looked, the display on the oven said “OTA 100%,” so we left it alone. About 45 minutes later, the display still said “OTA 100%,” both our phones showed disconnected from the oven, and the oven was completely unresponsive. So, after 10 minutes of trying to get it to respond, I unplugged it, waited 30 seconds or so and plugged it back in.

Nothing happened. No sound, no display. I checked the outlet and the breaker, and checked our phones and network to see if maybe the display was broken but the oven was otherwise working. Nothing… I did notice that the speaker mounted in the handle makes a barely audible buzz when plugged in, but that’s literally the only sign of life it has. Seems completely bricked…

For what it’s worth, my home network is Ubiquiti, and I’m now reading posts that Anova and Ubiquiti don’t play nice. The oven connected to wifi and to our phones without issue and was responsive to the app when we did the heating element prep. Seems weird that an oven would be picky about its network hardware (how many of us ever thought we’d see a world where that’s a legit comment… ;-).

I tried calling the Anova support number this morning, but they only allowed me to wait for 60 seconds before prompting me to leave a message. I tried calling four times before I just left the message. I’ll be emailing support after I finish this post.

Will be my second time contacting support since opening the oven three days ago because they knowingly didn’t ship the silicone pad that I’m supposed to install to protect the water tank, but didn’t elect to tell me it would be shipped separately…

Anyway, just sucks. Didn’t even have a chance to try it before it broke. We have an Anova sous vide circulator that’s been great, but this is my first purchase since the Electrolux acquisition…

My ISP is Frontier so I know networking issues. And I think that I know that Ubiquiti has broader issues than yours. Perhaps a glance at some review comments are in order. Maybe the Wikipedia and its cited references.