Here's a solution for firmware update on APO.

  1. Come on Anova. Shame on you for this IOT process and firmware. For the love of any deity you choose, get your act together.

  2. Here we go.
    I use ubiquiti equipment, which apparently the APO has issues with. I could get it to connect to the 2.4ghz network, but could NOT get it to update firmware without crashing.
    It would NOT tether to either of my cellphones.
    It would NOT connect to a system I set up as a mobile hotspot. Just “try again.”
    So here’s what I did:

  3. Created a new 2.4ghz wifi network with simple credentials, i.e. anova | badfirmware on my unifi network.

  4. Connected the APO to this network.

  5. Destroyed this network.

  6. Broadcast the same network on a computer system I had set up to work as an AP. (for ease of use, Windows 10+ can do this easily.) While the oven wouldn’t connect to this specific setup from the app, it happily connected to it when the initial connection was to a real AP. (Basically I set up an evil twin.)

  7. Updated firmware on the ‘evil twin’

  8. Destroyed the evil twin network

  9. Reset the Oven

  10. Reconnected to my actual isolated IOT network.

Hope this helps someone.

idk. it works fine on my unifi network. connected to my UAP-AC-HD on 2.4GHz, very typical site config.