Firmware update available. How to?


My APC is connected to my wifi. When I go to profile>settings (gear cog) in the app, I’m advised that there is a firmware update available. I have the option in the app to tap “Install Now”. I’m tempted to do that right after I finish cooking tonight.

Somewhere else, however, I’ve read that, in order to install a firmware update, you have to “unpair”, wait, and re-pair the APC in order to install a firmware update, and if that process fails and you have the “Install Now” option available in the app, you should tap it.

What is the correct procedure for installing a firmware update in my case? I had significant difficulty pairing the APC in the first place, and I’m loathe to disconnect it and have to do that again. The app seems to work fine, I just wish I could make it “run in the background”. As it is, I have to start the app before I get any messages from the cooker.

Thanks for any help.

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Which units does this apply to please, my connection has always been dodgy over our two units, so I’m keen to know what models this applies to, plus what changes it consists of?

Anova staff???

For completeness, my model is the “Anova Precision Cooker”, not the Nano or Pro. I don’t know if update procedures are different for different models.

I went ahead and tapped “Install Now” in the app on my phone while my APC was plugged in and got a message that the update was successful. The APC displayed what appeared to be a hex code on completion. When I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it appeared to function normally. So, evidently, there is no need to “unpair” and “repair” to update firmware for my version of the APC.

Regarding connecting the device to a wifi network, I couldn’t do it with my OnePlus phone, so I tried and succeeded with another phone. Once the device is connected, it can be accessed by any other device on that wifi network.

Thanks for the context Ed.
My 2 are original design variant circa 2016 & 2020

I added a second Anova to my app today. No issues. Also Updated firmware without any issues.

Have you looked here,