Firmware upgrade

The firmware version of my new APC is 1.4.4. The Anova App (ver 3.2.8 on android) notify that a new firmarware version is available. When I try to update, it seems that the APC make the update and restart, but the App continue to run and after some minutes, ask if I want to stop or continue.
Any ideas ?

I had the same problem when I just recently set mine up.
I ignored the update, and it seems to work fine.
But I’m with you, if it says there’s an update, we should be able to install it.

Same, it just keeps on asking whether the system seems to be updating or not. The APC restarts and it connects to the app, but the app keeps insisting on the existence of a new firmware update that isn’t yet installed on the APC.
Just received my APC today, but the whole WIFI experience has been nothing short of a disaster, but I’ve managed to connect.

Same problem here using my iPhone and my precision cooker, it’s only the second time I’m using it. When I first got it a couple of weeks ago, it was able to upgrade to whatever was the latest back then, but this latest one just won’t take.

Exact same problem here. Anova app says there is a firmware update.
I start the update.
The Anova shows “07A” on its display, and a few seconds later the Anova restarts and shows the temperature, as when the Anova is first turned on.
The Anova app shows a spinning icon, that its updating, and it says it will take about 2 minutes.
After 30 minutes, I cancel out of the update.
The app shows that I still have a firmware update.
Don’t know if anything was updated.
Tried this 3 times and gave up.
Trying to see if the Community has any answers concerning firmware updates.
Why doesn’t the message about a firmware update being available disappear.
Did my Anova get updated with new firmware?
What is going on here?

I went through the same thing but instead of 30 mins, it was over an hour. I used it without wifi and pissed off cause I didnt buy it to use without wifi i bought it to use with wifi. Customer service was NO and I mean NO help.

I returned it and bought a Joule. Pleased as punch.

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I’m having the same firmware update issue as listed in this thread. I have two questions. 1 - Does anyone have a later Firmware Version higher than 1.4.4? 2 - Does anyone from Anova read/respond to these postings?

I answer to your last question: no Anova does not come here. This is a forum run by community members, with no affiliation with Anova, aside being customers.

@Mase - I think I snagged one of the last APC’s before the new model came out.
Looking at my settings, I have these values:
Model Number: A3
Firmware Version 4.6.7

I’m an iPhone user, running the current iOS beta software.

I’m actually pretty shocked that people are actually talking about firmware updates to the APC’s. I remember that was actually the excuse as to why Anova wasn’t allowing things like WPS for wifi setup, as they didn’t want to make any modifications to the firmware in the devices. Obviously there’s been a policy change.

Also, on that note, I do have to say that I’m pretty shocked how well the Wifi setup worked on version 3.2.8 of the app. Only “bug” was that it actually stopped the APC following the connection.
Previously, I’ve seen you need to have your APC within 5 feet of the WAP to do the initial setup (as the Wifi radio in the APC is actually quite weak and the logic in the firmware seemed quite frail for retries, etc). My APC is in a different area of the house…walls between it and the WAP and it completed the setup. Very pleasantly surprised! :slight_smile:

(and, yes, I’ve been running these since the first wifi one came out…and was on the waiting list for that) :slight_smile:

Edit: They still have a bug that the APC / App won’t allow your bluetooth connection, once the Wifi connection is established. (disabled my wifi and cellular radios to see if BT was still available).

exact same issue here. this is proof that hardware is easier than software.
i guess there is nothing we can do until next update.
maybe wait couple months then come back to check firmware update, it will be ok that time.

Just got my Anova Precision Cooker (new version 2019) and tried to upgrade (current verion 1.4.4)
I also get the error code 07A and the restart and comes back to normal display. Anyone knows what it means?

App gets stuck in “upgrade” mode so I cancel.

Did anyone succeed with the upgrade?

Reply from support was that I have the latested FW (1.4.4) and it is the app the doesn’t understand that.
They seem to work on a fix for the app.

Thank you for your feedback. Therefore wr have just to wait a new version of the app.

Hello all
I got a APC today and the app does the same and also although it let me set up the device and start it up after the cook time it would not let me stop it (it did not shut off automatically and I had to tap stop on the device.
I only really want the app for when I leave the APC running when I leave home but it is very buggy.

You REALLY don’t want the APC ever turning off automatically. It’s a food safety issue. If they allowed that and you had a software glitch, your food could be unsafe by the time you realize it. Better to have it continue to hold temperature outside of the danger zone until you’re there to remove it from the water bath.

Thank you
Interesting that and I see why but I wondered because the other circulators I have (Instant Pot and Kitchen Boss) both shut off when the cooking time ends.
I thought the APC had a fault so very happy to know it is a standard feature.

I think they made this decision as your sous vide cooks (especially for meat, as opposed to fish) could be quite timely. I’ve done pork ribs for 36 hours and beef roasts for 72 hours. There’s similar durations for other meats. Other kitchen appliances, it’s a short cook (for the most part) and it’s expected that you will be present or at least nearby for the duration of the cook. (true, slow cookers could be for a day or two) - but you usually don’t have those timed (at least mine never did).
Oh…another thing to keep in mind. The APC also doesn’t resume cooking if it loses power (this is also a food safety feature) - if it did, your food could have been in the danger zone for several hours and you wouldn’t know. They do this, so you’re aware and don’t get sick by a prolonged stoppage to your cook.
(a good way to circumvent this risk for longer cooks is to get a UPS - uninterruptible power supply) - ideally a 1500VA unit. Most big box stores (Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon) sell them - that way your APC will at least be protected against stopping for short power outages.

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Wish I had done the same. This product sucks in so many levels I can’t even start. Every try to do anything with it except for using it as a $50 electric oven it ruins my day.
Even descaling it turned out to be impossible as the “icon” for that that is referred to on the guide doesn’t exist on the product and the app doesn’t connect ever : (

What’s the magic? I’ve tried literally over 100 times - I’m that obsessed. Finally I was able to connect it to the wifi, seeing the msg that it’s connected. But when I try to use anything that needs connection, it doesn’t find the oven.
Then the app shows the option to “disconnect the oven”, which means that it is actually connected and the wifi icon on the oven is stable not blinking, confirming once more that it is connected.
But all actions I try to perform get a msg that the oven is not connected.
I’ve tried to disconnect and connect again - here for more 100 tries until I finally get it, but same thing happens. Did all that more than 10 times.
I have perfect wifi connection where the oven is, but still… : (

You’re in the wrong forum - this one’s for the APC - Anova Precision Cooker.

Not much point asking any questions about the oven outside of that forum.