WiFi Connectivity - App problems

I’ve seen other threads on this issue, but all of them suggest a litany of troubleshooting steps that seem to yield little to no success for other people struggling to get connected. I think this is because the app itself is the issue, and the suggestions primarily focus on mobile devices or the WiFi network being used.

I have tried connecting via a Samsung Note 9, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Pro, and 1st gen iPad Air. They all consistently fail. I have tweaked my network settings with two different routers in every configuration possible, even trying an unsecured 2.4Ghz network just to test it. The APO seems perfectly capable of connecting to the network in a variety of configurations, but the app itself fails to register the APO on the network. Sometimes the app will claim the process has failed immediately upon disconnecting from the APO’s ad-hoc network during the setup process.

I’ve only ever had two successes connecting to the APO, but could not reproduce those successes following the same steps.

The first success involved using my Note 9 as a mobile hotspot with an SSID distinct from the SSID from the network on my router, but sharing the data received from the router. Telling the APO to connect to my phone’s hotspot, I was able to connect to the oven successful and remain connected to it even when I turned off my mobile hotspot, which puzzled me. I updated the firmware on the APO and disconnected from the oven hoping that the new firmware would resolve the WiFi issue and let me connect to my main WiFi network. It did not work and all attempts to reconnect using the same process as before failed.

The second success involved once again using my Note 9 as a hotspot, which I connected an iPhone and the APO to. Using the app on the iPhone, I was able to connect to the oven, but this was not a viable setup as I’d need to have a mobile phone running a hotspot every time I wanted to interface with the oven. I once again tried reconnecting to the main WiFi network and the app failed to see the APO. Attempting to reconnect with the hotspot didn’t work either.

So I’m convinced something is happening at the point where the app disconnects from the APO’s ad-hoc network and reconnects to the WiFi network both devices are assigned to, especially since as I said earlier, the app sometimes fails immediately upon disconnecting from the ad-hoc network.

I’m hoping that Anova will address this issues soon. I just received my APO a few days ago and given I’m finding threads on this issue dating back several months with no resolution, I’m beginning to contemplate a refund on a product I’d really enjoy getting more use out of.

Hi, we are so sorry for the trouble. Please email support@anovaculinary.com and we can get you taken care if ASAP!

Hello, Seems I have a very similar issue. Wifi is always a challenge, while I made a successful connection with my mobile hotspot. I even changed my wifi router to one of the latest (wifi 6, WPA3 etc), but I dont know why but the app doesnt seem to get hooked up with wifi. The most painful part is, it is keep spinning and trying to connect for 3,4 mins then eventually fail then I have to go all over again a few times then I still have the issue.

have you got any better solution from Anova? Im getting fed up with this app, before I think of cooking anyting with this oven.

Please email support@anovaculinary.com and we can have a tech support agent assist you 1 on 1!

I can only get it to connect to a hotspot on a phone. I tried 4 diffferent types of routers and phones and nothing works. I just updated to 1.2.7 and still nuttin. So sad it feels useless.

This is exactly the same problem I am having. I got my APO recently. I tried connecting with a myriad of devices both in Android and iOS to no avail.

I got to upgrade the firmware to 1.2.7 via the hotspot method but it still does not work when trying to connect to my home network.

I already emailed customer support but they haven’t replied yet.

It’s frustrating because I don’t even know where the problem is due to the lack of error codes / messages.

What’s weird is the APO actually connects to my home network as I can see it in the DHCP tables and has an assigned IP. It’s even connected for hours now as I am typing this. But it still fails pairing with the app / phone that is in the same network.

My hunch is there’s something funky with that pairing mechanism or the device / app <-> APO cannot see each other in the network.

But yeah, I’m as blind as everyone and can only guess the problem (app? APO firmware? router settings?).

Funny thing is, based on the threads, forums and reddit: this similar wifi problem has been happening since god knows when with the Precision Cooker WI-FI for years now. I know they are different products and all but it seems there are no improvements at all in the overall design and quality of the wifi / app connectivity. which sadly got carried over to the APO. :\

I’ve been able to successfully pair the oven with the app, but this was only after I upgraded to enterprise level networking hardware from Ubiquiti. Rather unacceptable that the oven was unable to be used with three very common wifi routers prior to this, while no other device had any issue.

Even though it’s working now, the app seems to have some instability where it can permanently lose connection to the oven and require repairing, even though the oven is still connected to the network.

I just got my APO today and spent 4 hours trying to get it on my wi-fi. I’m quite tech savvy. I tried all the troubleshooting steps here and on Reddit, but it would always complain at end the failed to connect. This included creating a separate 2.4G guest network, etc.

Long story short – I pulled out a old router from years ago and configured as access point and then APO immediately connected to it. Then I re-enabled the guest network on current router (Asus AX-86U) w/same SID and password and low and behold – APO connected to it. Then I tried configuring this old router w/my current SID (which includes a space is network name) and password), reset APO and again it connected right away. Then I unplugged old router and watched APO. Wifi light started blinking as expected but then it turned solid as it connected as it should’ve all along.

So it’s some sort of connection issue w/app I think.

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I just got my oven this week and we are having the exact same problem as described in this thread. I did have success connecting to a hotspot (thanks to advice of SteverinoLA) and it updated the firmware (which I thought it had done previously, but apparently it did not). Please Anova, look into this…we bought this oven because of the flexibility offered with the app…

Update…this has now been resolved for me by purchasing a new router/wifi mesh system. Seems to be working perfectly now! :slight_smile:

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