Cracked plastic?

I got an APC for Christmas last year and have really enjoyed it. However, after only 2-3 months of use, the plastic on the top half of the cooker cracked where it joins the metal bottom half. I interacted with Anova support and they cheerfully sent me a new one under warranty.

Now, after only another 2-3 months of very light use, the plastic is cracked again in the same place. What I thought was a sample defect looks to be a design problem.

I suppose I could interact with Anova support again and make a claim to receive another one, but, given my experience, it doesn’t seem like I’ll get one that lasts.

I could just keep using the APC until it quits, or I could put a dab of glue on the crack to keep it from growing, or both. I’m thinking I’ll just leave it alone until it falls apart, throw it away, and buy a different brand of cooker. Of course, it may never fall apart and just stay cracked. Right now, nothing appears loose. The plastic half of the cooker is attached firmly to the bottom half.

I haven’t seen any posts on this topic, so I’m wondering if I’m the only one who’s experienced this problem.

Thanks for any feedback.

I have not in 18 months of frequent use.

The holder did crack and fail due to my tightening it while cold and then heating the cooker to 180ºF, causing it to expand and crack.

That your two failed similarly is suggestive.

Hello @Douglas

Thanks for your response.

My plastic holder tightens around the metal (lower) portion of the cooker which, in turn, slides into and is permanently mounted to the plastic (upper) portion. I’ve never tightened the holder around the plastic portion of the APC and when I do tighten it, I tighten it just enough to ensure that the APC doesn’t turn while cooking. I position the cooker just below the upper water line marked on the metal portion of the cooker. My holder has not cracked.

My experience either indicates a design issue or that I’m doing something wrong. The absence of similar experiences here suggests that it’s not a design issue, but I sure can’t figure out what I might be doing wrong.

I’ve started another interaction with support and will post back here when I have an update.

I’ve completed my interacton with support. They approved another replacement for me, so I guess I’m satisfied for now. I hope this new unit lasts longer without cracking.