APO water tank stress cracks

Is anyone else seeing stress cracks in the water tank? I am seeing more of them as time goes on. Not leaking yet but it’s concerning that eventually it will lead to a bigger problem.

Junpjump, before you jump down my throat I am enjoying the oven more now. But still have some concerns. Please let me air them in here

Weird. I have no cracks.

I wonder if there is something different about your steam vent. Need to open a ticket to get that fixed.

It’s actually melted on further inspection. Crazy.

I’ll file for a return soon. I’ll buy it again once they have the issues fixed.

Yea, pretty clear you have something wrong with your oven.

I have initiated a return.

Will buy it again. It’s a great concept and I’ve loved having it for the most part. Everything that comes out of it is delicious. But I did get a lemon. And it seems there may be many of them out there at this point. Non uncommon for a new product I’m sure.

Hard to really tell how many. I haven’t seen any numbers on how many ovens have been delivered. Not that many people here reporting issues. Handful maybe. If the recipe start numbers in the app are an indication of people actually using the recipes I’d imagine there are a good number of ovens out there.

Good luck.

The claims about support being slow or non existent are true at this point. It’s been a while since I got confirmation of my return request. And no follow up at all. They’re clearly dealing with issues above what they can handle. I guess if they don’t get back to me I can take I up with my CC company. Just more disappointment. Was hoping for a good resolution from them. And maybe buy the thing again or get a replacement. But now I’m wondering if it’s even worth the hassle. Very unfortunate.

From the looks of how the plastic melted, it looks like the main body of your circulator is making contact with the tank wall.

This is the OVEN. The water tank on the oven melted. Should never happen.

Ours cracked too! =(

Was cleaning the oven and noticed multiple small cracks on the water tank. Since being received the water tank has been in place. The only time touched was to top off with water and that was via the little door at the top on the black plastic cover. Pretty disappointing if you ask me.

Glad I’m not the only one experiencing issues. Keep an eye out for melting occurring at the top around where the door mates with the oven itself. That’s where mine melted

Pardon my ignorance, I always thought APO stood for Army Post Office

In the right context, it does. However, it can also stand for:
alternative public offering
abductor pollicis obliquus
acute pulmonary oedema
adriamycin, predisone, oncovin
adverse pregnancy outcome
More: https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/APO
Or, in this case, Anova Precision Oven.

Sorry this is happening. Please email support@anovaculinary.com and we can assist ASAP!

I have a ticket in. 642513

Correspondence has been at a snails pace. They want to send me another one. I am ok with this if the 100 day trial resets because there have been so many issues. If I don’t get 100 days to try the new one I will likely process the return. But am open to working with the company. The oven has a lot of potential and once issues are ironed out I think they will have a good product.

Yes, I had a defective oven, not what you had, but a noisy outer shell that vibrated when the pump turned on. Still waiting for my replacement to arrive. My water tank was fine, no issues with that.

Just noticed cracks on ours as well, at the exact same place on the tank :frowning:

This is the response I just got from Anova, I requested a new tank “even though” mine isn’t leaking yet:

Thank you for contacting the support team! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the Oven.
Is there water coming out of the tank?
If not, it shouldn’t be a problem. We can definitely get you a replacement if you’d like.

Anyone else trying to engineer a heat shield to protect the tank from the oven heat/steam?


I don’t have a problem with my tank. It’s likely there was a problem with the posters oven causing excessive heat in the area. I would not assume there is an issue that would impact all ovens and that all ovens would need a new tank or need some sort of heat shield.