precision oven leaks water

Hi, just got our new precision oven. After sliding in the water tank, water slowly drains out, first filling up the drip pan and then spilling out onto the counter.

Is this intended? Are you only supposed to fill the reservoir when you’re actively using steam? I can’t find any indication in the user guide that that’s the case. Please advise.

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Mine doesn’t leak. I leave it on all the time. I’d pull it off and inspect the orings etc. Also, make sure you check to see if it has slid all the way to the back of the mount.

mine seems to be slowly leaking water too. I am careful to vent the steam out, but it seems like there is water on the countertop in the mornings, like there is a slow leak somehow

Mine is the same… just received the oven this morning. Once I insert the tank, water started dripping into the drip tray. I contact the customer service right away and waiting for their reply. Did you get resolve the leaking ?

nope - I ended up having to return the oven. There’s a significant wait time on getting a technician out - and I personally would prefer a $600 appliance to work correctly out of the box, not have to be repaired before I even use it.

definitely a slow leak. I placed a piece of tape line up with the water level and now it’s about a quarter inch above the waterline, and the drip tray behind the oven on the left is full of water

Same problem with mine. I removed the back panel, reseated all the hoses and clamps, and it seems to have fixed the problem. Also remove and reseat the tank a few times, I’ve read reports of a leak initiating at the primary tank connection. I ordered a replacement but lead times are long so it’s nice to use it before I ship it back. Good luck.

I agree there is a real problem here. The first few days, I woke up to water on the counter and assumed it was user error. I finally determined the water is leaking from the reservoir connector into the rear drip tray, which has no way of being emptied.

I observed the leak happens upon installing the reservoir – not related to the oven operating. Once I realized the dripping starts right away, I tried sliding it in few times to try to “get it right”. I did succeed and the oven was completely drip free. For 5 days. I woke up to water on the counter and floor again.

I kind of feel this is a problem with the o-ring because that’s where it looks like it is leaking. When it leaks there is water under the clear reservoir, so I don’t think it’s an internal leak. But I don’t want to touch anything and end up voiding my warranty. I submitted a ticket to support about it

Having this same exact issue as well. Contacted support and just waiting for a reply from Anova.

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FWIW, I heard back from Anova support and they provided me a shipping label to ship my oven back and will be shipping me a new one, hopefully out of a batch they’re getting around October 26th.

Here’s hoping! I loved it for the few cooks we did with it!

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Thanks for the update. I still haven’t gotten any response from support. I was really hoping this was fixable without returning, but at least they are taking care of it.

Mine arrived yesterday, plugged it in and added water while doing the heat element pre-burns.

It started leaking immediately. It will empty the tank if left alone.

First attempt to troubleshoot, cooked a couple of potatoes with 100% steam. Water draining and running out on counter almost as fast as fresh water added (by a cup). Steam was working.

My leak was truly a defect. I ultimately observed that sometimes, even after removing the tank, a leak would appear. And, the most telling was I rarely had any water accumulate in the drip tray, regardless of mode and time of operation.

I exchanged my unit. Once the new one arrived, I realized that I never actually had a functioning oven. The first unit provided just enough steam that seemed reasonable without a frame of reference. Now, I’m truly cooking with steam and can refocus my concerns to whether I’m ruining my cabinets or not, and wondering if the condensation in the glass door is a problem.

Has anyone figure out how to stop the leakage? Mine is leaking as well, but thankfully hubby and I caught it early enough before it did major damaged to our cabinets.

I had leakage too. Pulling the tank slightly forward stopped the leaking. Anova is replacing the oven; I sent mine back a couple of weeks ago and I am still awaiting the replacement. I have not received it yet, though …

I did not save the box and only the top and bottom styrofoam. How in blazes do you send this back? The shipping has to be over the top expensive. And does anova reimburse you for that?? If this is the first year model, that might be part of it. One thing I learned from my ex was never buy the first year model of anything.

Received the oven today, was wiping half a gallon of water off the floor soon after. Should have read the forum first, I guess. Trying to figure out if it’s the tank seal/o-ring, or the steam gen piping. Will see how swamped the support is.

Hi. So sorry about that. Please email and we can assist!

Hi — we will cover return shipping if necessary. Please email and we can assist.

It took support a day or two take my ticket, but then they were on it, did a good job.
Waiting for the replacement team to pick it up now.