Water draining instead of steam injection


Just got my APO.
Heating works fine.
Steam instead seems broken.
After a couple of minutes some water is leaking from the back panel gathering instead of injecting steam.
It seems that the steam boiler is defective.

Watching this one carefully, as I am noticing more water in the bottom of my oven after a cook than I (think I) used to see, although mine doesn’t have running water like yours does.

Hi, the water you can see is not at the end of the cooking, just after a couple of minutes… water is dripping from the rear panel… instead of the steam…

I suppose the steam boiler is defective and don’t heat water… so instead un injecting steam… the oven spill water that flows til the bottom of the cavity…

yesterday I wrote to the support… waiting for their reply

Yes, I understand, but I think the two may be related, because I believe my standing water comes from the same back panel source.

There was a discussion some time ago about a connection from the water tank to the boiler coming loose that caused this sort of behavior. I’ll see if I can find the link and post it here as well.

Here is the thread: precision oven leaks water

I’d contact @colewagoner in support here to see if there’s an easier solution.

Definitely drop a note to support@anovaculinary.com and we can assist!


Just done yesterday. Waiting for their feedback


I do have the same problem. water is dripping from the wet sensor. Even when the oven is turned off and unplugged.
I’ve sent a message to support (via the app), waiting for response.


Two days ago (finally!) my oven arrived after 6 months of waiting on this preorder and then today morning half of the water tank is missing. Chamber is filled with ~2-5cm of watter which drips from hole above wet bulb sensor during the night, when oven was turned off. Tried to remove and set back water tank but immidiatelly when it is connected, water becames to fill in chamber (approx. 1 drip/second). Didn’t even tried anything with it besides heating element preparation.

I’ve sent a mail to support, waiting for response.

Yesterday I got mail response from support:

  1. Remove the water tank from the oven. Set the oven to Sous Vide mode 212F and 100% steam.
  2. Run the oven until the FILL icon appears on the display. This is to ensure we run through all the water in the boiler.
  3. Once the icon appears, attach the water tank and press the fill button
  4. Monitor on the next cook.

I’ve followed it and leave it to run for 20min with 100% steam. Until now, I don’t see any leakage. I hope it that will stay like this…

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I received this advice and adhered to it and the oven didn’t leak. It flooded!

I sent them videos of how much water was in the oven and the advice was then to discard the oven as the leak was “concerning”


Hi; Aftre contacting support, my oven was replaced within a week and the new one is working perfect.
Good service

Same with me - they sent me new one and this works as expected; without any leakage.