Steam from the bottom of the water tank instead of the oven

Hi, I’m using the oven for the very first time.
I’m kinda following instruction to heat up the oven, I guess for cleaning?
I decided to add steam to this first step.
I have tons of steam smelling like plastic coming out of the bottom of the water tank (where it has a sticker “caution hot steam”)
Is that normal?
When the 15 minutes was done (with the rear heating element), I opened the door, other than hot air, there was no steam coming out.

Any idea what I did wrong?

I’m afraid to run the second step to use top and bottom for 15 minutes at 356f.

If you have steam set to 100% you should have a lot of steam coming out, depending on your local relative humidity. Make sure your tank is fully-seated into the water inlet at the back of the tank tray.

I also had the plastic smell for the first several minutes of my first run. I attributed that to new parts gassing out.

Got it, thanks…I ran the prep twice and still get the odd smell. But it’s good to know that others are getting the same.
I have also reseated the tank. I’ll see if that makes a difference.