Gap on the bottom at the rear inside the oven

I just received the precision oven less than a week old and notice at the rear of the inside oven, there is gap on the bottom between the back wall with the fan and the bottom plate. Is that normal? I checked on all the related picture, none of them are like that. I tried to steam vegetables but took 30 minutes, it is still pretty raw. Wonder if that is related to this gap as a deflect that the steam is sipping out from this gap?

That doesn’t look right to me, but it’s unrelated to your vegetable steam taking a long time. That is related to the fact that you’re not really steaming the veggies, but, rather, cooking them at 100% humidity. Not the same thing, I’m afraid.

The oven also has a full steam mode! Sous vide mode off, 213F/100% steam.

Are you saying that can replace a vegetable steamer? And will work just as quickly?

Yup! It is different than cooking at 100% RH. The boiler will work at full capacity and continually introduce steam to the cavity.

I got the same problem about the gap. I received my oven yesterday and after just doing the burning set up. I later cooked some chicken and bread rolls. I can see Anova has not answer about that issue. Are they ignoring it? What should I do?

Also I saw some kind of silicone or rubber coming out

The probe also was not accurate when I doubled check with my thermapen. The probe said 165 but it was 140 and still running pink juices out of the chicken tights

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Hi Nelly, welcome to the community! We can definitely take a look at those issues for you, and replace your faulty probe! Please reach out to and we can assist.