Precision Oven - Failed door seal allowing water in glass cavity?

First use on steam setting and my door seal seems to have failed - in addition to condensation in between the door glass panes, there is at least a tablespoon of water in there.

Anyone else having this issue already?

Thanks for the feedback…


We have not seen this yet. Going to cross my fingers that we don’t.

I’m curious, how long did you run it and at what temp before seeing the water show up?

30 mins at 360f (rear heat), 100% steam…

Now doing a test at 250f with 100% steam to see if the door visibly collects more water.

That really does not seem long. Do you see any obvious seal issues?

Nothing obvious re the seal.

My oven produces a fair amount of excess steam from the front bottom right - exactly where the label ‘Caution Hot Steam’ is placed. It seems as though the steam ingress is occurring around that area of the door.

I think Anova should add a FAQ and video to show some of the normal operating features like areas where steam should vent. Sadly I agree with you - the light flickering is probably a design flaw and they have underestimated how customers will react.

+1 that the timer should shut off the oven as well btw!..and the timer could also have functioned as a clock if they had thought about it during the design.

Like you as an early adopter I do not expect products to be 100%. That said, at the moment this oven feels like an early Beta release at best…

I expected Beta. They are a relatively small company and hardware is really a hard business. Add smart hardware and it’s a whole different level of pain.

Like you I’d wager they knew about the issue and just said… crap, we have to get these things shipped and most people will ignore it when the oven performs. Or crap, we have no fix for this and we have 17 containers of them at the dock. Sell Sell Sell so we can pay for the next batch so we don’t go bankrupt :slight_smile:

I’m almost willing to buy a second and open one up for fun. I’m hoping the insides aren’t glued together with foam.

A clock would be nice, but I’m ok without. My Breville Air doesn’t have a clock and I never considered it. That said, anything Wifi connected can do time accurately so it’s probably not so hard with firmware to add one.

I’d like to dim the display a little. It’s overpowering all of the other displays in the kitchen. But I don’t want low grade PWM dimming that flickers more. I can already see the flicker in the display, but it’s better than the interior light lol.

My oven produces a fair amount of excess steam from the front bottom right - exactly where the label ‘Caution Hot Steam’ is placed. It seems as though the steam ingress is occurring around that area of the door.

Same here, but no water in-door yet.

Agree that it would be very reassuring to better understand if excess steam in that area is normal behavior (thus the label)

Please contact Anova support.

Also look here:

If that your facebook group?

Yes it is the Anova group.

I contacted before posting here - no response so far…

This is your facebook group that you started? Are you an Anova employee?

Thanks for the suggestion but I will not be using Facebook any time soon…

If you are an Anova employee could you please ask support to respond to the two tickets I have raised about the flickering internal light and the water ingress in my oven door. Thanks!

@jumpjump and @Fedupflyer I am not an Anova employee.

@jumpjump I believe Anova started the Facebook group

Gotcha. I was confused when you answered my question if it was your group or not.

Ok, I’m getting some water in my door glass. I’ll keep an eye on it. Curious that there is a build up of water on the glass and inner seal at the glass on the lower right corner of the glass. This is on the inside of the door and I can wipe it away. I’ll try hitting it with the FLIR camera next time to see if it’s just some sort of thermal issue causing condensation.

I first thought mine was condensation but when I lower the door I can see actual water pooling inside the glass cavity - I am thinking the water may be getting in via the hinge in that part of the oven since it is right next to the steam vent area?

I’ve got condensation between my doors too, there is also a little thread of plastic in between the panes that drives me a little crazy. That said, what it does for my bread baking, I try to ignore those things. :smiley:

I also have an issue with condensation in the door glass cavity. It did dry up, but now I can see the stain forming inside. There is no way to wipe it. I contacted Anova support. I got an answer saying that I can try running the oven at the highest temperature for 10-15 minutes, while they are working on a permanent solution. I think that may be able to drive any moisture out, but not to clean the inside. It did nothing expect wasting a lot of electricity, I did not expect that would do anything either.