Oven: issues I have had on day one.

  • The oven light flickers constantly when in operation. I have the oven connected to a 20 amp circuit. This seems to be a power delivery problem most noticeable when the oven is first heating up but does continue to a lesser degree throughout the entire cooking time.
  • I cannot seem to update the firmware. It gets to 45 percent and then stops and the oven seemingly reboots. It goes back to the regular controls and the app complains about losing connectivity. I have tried about a dozen times to update with no success.
  • It leaks a lot of water on the drip tray. I have it on a level surface and the water constantly drips out during cooking with steam on the right most side of the drip tray.
  • The oven makes a bang noise every so often, it seems the metal in the oven is contracting and causing this noise. It is quite annoying.

Overall I cannot recommend this oven until these issues are sorted. I have requested a return under the 100 day test period and have been pushed to technical support instead. I will see how that goes but I am unsure how tech support can help with the leaking water or contracting metal.

This is supposed to be a premium product and it just doesn’t feel like one when you are operating it.

Welcome to the unofficial ‘early adopter development programme’ :slight_smile:

The oven light seems to be an common issue and I presume Anova will have to resolve either via a software update or a recall.

The steam does seem to be a ‘feature’ - having used the oven for 5 days now I have become more used to it. The only issue I now have (and one other user so far) is the steam has caused condensation in the door similar to a failed double-glazing window unit.

I did have some expansion and contraction noises but I think they have disappeared - either that or I’m now used to them :slight_smile:

Wish I could help with the update - my only suggestion based on another thread would be to try installing the app on a completely new phone/device and repeat the original setup process.

Having had the oven for even a short time I would recommend doing some more food trials - even with the initial annoyances I would not want to go back to my normal oven for things like bread baking. At the end of the day it is much cheaper than most steam ovens (although they are also full-size).

Can you clarify a little? It’s just that steam escapes in this location under normal operation and some collects in the drip tray. How much water are you getting in the drip tray and is it overflowing etc?

I noticed that I get condensation on the water tank between the oven and the tank and this streams down the tank and runs down the tank mount to the drip tray. It would appear that the drip channel is by design or a design compromise.

If support hasn’t recommended it I would recommend unlugging the unit between attempts. If they give you some service sequences on the front buttons please share.

I suggest trying to power through the issues. As @Fedupflyer has commented it really is a useful appliance for the price. I mean it actually works and on the whole the implementation is pretty good.

I think they can service your unit onsite as part of the purchase so I’d give that a try if needed and give it a chance. You still have a number of days to return.

Everyone has the flicker issues.It’s possible to remove the bulb if you have any photo sensitivity risk.

Most counter ovens have some noise issues until they have a few heat cycles and things normalize. Leave the pan off the bottom unless you are expecting a lot of drips.

Hi dmurphy22 - so far from what I’ve seen, you are the first to have issues getting the initial firmware update to run to completion; a few of us have had initial network connection issues, but nothing about firmware update failures or retries.

From our collective experiences here, that upgrade does seem to improve several things once complete;

my personal opinion is that although the software is early and we all hope for improvements in several aspects, the functionality that the oven provides is unique in this price range, and generally worth the effort if you are willing.

What exactly changed or what are you referencing?