Oven Purchasers - Buyer beware

I have had the oven for over a week now. Still playing around with it. i found some problems like many others have reported (flickering light, not keeping to low temps, tray warping, etc). But i also noticed that the timer was behaving weird. I sent a message to tech support. Just got a response asking for a video. Six days later! So while it looks like an interesting product, it is very buggy and what makes matters worse is it seems like nobody is at home at Anova. Not a great way to support early adopters and influencers. My answer to anyone who asks me about the oven is, dont buy it now, maybe it will improve and it looks like if you do go ahead you are largely on your own. Cant count on the company to support

While I have some annoyances, I’d recommend that anyone interested in the oven and are comfortable with being an early adopter should definitely buy the oven. For what it does there isn’t another product even near the price point.

I would not call the oven “very buggy” and I would challenge you to list the bugs.


I work in product development so I know how hard this is to do right, but even still I’m surprised at this fumble, both in apparent initial quality and lack of customer support capacity. Disappointing, I’ve been very excited to get the product but have now decided to cancel (if support ever gets back to me).

@ShaunG So you cancelled your order before even trying it? Based on a few posts?

Exactly, and the total lack of customer support.

I too work in Product Development and rule #1 is if you are launching a new product you better be able to support it. How did they get that one wrong! You can cover a lot of launch issues, especially with early adopters if you are just available to support the product.

But you never had the oven.

I’ve had good support. You only had trouble cancelling your order, correct? I mean you haven’t tried to use support for an oven.

While it seems some have had delays getting support in general what people find in forums is a very small subset of product owners so it’s never wise to make a judgement on how wide an issue is from postings. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending the company and don’t work for them.

I think anyone posting in a forum telling people not to buy a product is on more of a vendetta or just a bad attitude. Aren’t we like 3 weeks into a launch? Anyone getting an oven pre-ordered it. You guys being in the business should have been going into this with eyes wide open. Just sayin’

I’d have to say that under normal circumstances I found Anova support to be exemplary. I had a problem with a Precision Cooker near the end of it’s warranty period, and after a few prompt emails a new unit was dispatched without any hassle.
It’s quite likely to be Coronavirus and homeworking that is messing up their support - when they were office based I certainly had no problems.

I will list my bugs. I hope these things can be fixed because I DO like the sous vide temp probe feature: THAT PART WORKS… But alas:

  1. Steam pours out of the lower right hand corner, and the black plastic has been bleached gray. I use distilled water as instructed. But is WHY is steam STREAMING out? Is this meant to be a room humidifier? The drip pan fills quickly and then drools down the countertop. Keep a large supply of rags on hand or you will ruin things you might care about.
  2. Condensation is trapped between the two glass doors
  3. When opening the door, temp drops over 100 degrees, and the timer does not start until the temp has gone back up to the target temp. Thus, the timer is useless and I use my iphone timer, since baking starts immediately, not once the target temp is reached.
  4. The ap says “preheat” is complete, but when I check the temp on the oven, it’s different.
  5. Sometimes the light is on while baking, sometimes not. Why?
  6. The pan snaps into a warp, so if you have any liquid watch out!
  7. On occasion, there is water pooled on the bottom.
  8. The Stainless Steel is Staining
  9. The temp setting - + is either not sensitive enough, or zips past the temp I need. Push push push push push, oops, push push push push push.
    Anybody else have these “bugs?”
    I want this oven to work. I like the promised features. I wish them well. And I feel I’m doing them a favor by using it and posting…hope they take this post that way.
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@clili, i concur. I have experienced all of the above

Well, for me it is easy. Until all the initial problems are solved, I won’t buy it, I love the general concept but…
Even if I understand that this is a first generation product I don’t want to risk my money on it. The lack of customer support, whether it’s due to Covid or not is just one factor that I consider.

I’ve had the oven for a couple weeks, and also have the flickering light and noticed issues with the timer. Quite frankly customer support responded to my questions quickly. Though they weren’t able to address the light issue. As far as the timer, I just ignore it and use the timer on my phone. For that matter I also do not use the App.

I am in Japan, and am VERY worried about my pre-order! If something goes wrong with the oven here I will be ****ed, so asked Anova if the oven I will be sent (in January?) would be a version 2, with all, or most, of the obvious issues fixed. They said yes, but …

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please reach out to support@anovaculinary.com and we can assists you ASAP!

Hi! The steam vent is in the lower bottom right corner, and as you cook, moisture leaves food and must evacuate somewhere so we dont accidentally turn the oven into a pressure cooker :slight_smile: This is by design, and mostly happens when you have steam off, as the moisture in the food must go somewhere.