Oven won't stop smoking

Anyone know what the heck is going on in this APO? I just got the unit today and followed the burn in procedures but decided to continue until the smoke goes away but after 5 hours it is still smoking non stop.

The smoke seems to be coming from where the outer black panel meets the stainless steel inner oven walls. I’ll see if I can post a video and a picture. A lot of the smoke is coming out of where the holes are on the top left and top right of the front of the oven (where the door pushes into the holes).

Link to the video here

Is this defective and what kind of cancer fumes are these and why am I wasting 5 hours of electricity trying to burn this substance out of my oven?

I’m pretty disappointed in Anova support right now. It’s been 3 business days and there’s no reply from support@anovaculinary.com. Additionally, all calls to their support number just goes to voicemail. Looking at their facebook page, seems like people all complain about how it’s impossible to reach support and even if they do, it takes 20 days to get a replacement request going.

Meanwhile, I have a product I can’t use, return/warranty period keeps running down.

I went through the ‘returns’ link on the website and submitted a return using the option ‘replacement’ and I got a reply back and an RMA label within a day.

If anyone else has issues with their oven with an obvious physical defect, I would recommend skipping the phone/email paths and just directly use the returns option to expedite your request.

Specifically, my oven door could not close on the right side and left a gap for steam and heat to escape, causing the water reservoir to warp/melt. Additionally my oven also doesn’t stop smoking… oh and when I packed it, I found out the plastic removal drip tray and the plastic parts that it attaches to were also melting.

I don’t know why Anova decided to attach plastic parts that melt directly to the an oven that can melt it. Either use some heat proof insulation between the parts or use materials that don’t melt at the temperatures that the oven can reach. Boggles my mind… ugh.

You clearly have a defective unit, and frighteningly so. I’ve had mine now for four months and we love it, but we haven’t had anything close to the scary issues you’ve had.

FWIW, they do seem to take some time to get through the support requests, but once they get to you, they act very quickly.

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Just got my replacement unit today, the door closes correctly AAAND it doesn’t smoke after burn-in! Is this what an oven is supposed to be like?! AMAAAZING.

I recognize the subtle sarcasm (and enjoyed it!), but seriously, I think you’re going to love this oven. We just did a pork shoulder last week combining the oven and a smoker that was amazing.

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Just got our and doing the burin-in as well. The last Top and Bottom Element Preheat burn-in is causing smokes too. Hopefully it goes away.

Did it go away? I’m having the same issue with my unit, smoking on the top right during the top/bottom setup stage.

what do you mean top right. You mean like in my original video? I don’t think it’s ever supposed to smoke from the case itself like my video.

In my new replacement unit, it never smoked from the case. The smoke only came from the heating elements.

Not exactly like yours. During the burn in setup cycle, it’s producing some smoke and I think it’s escaping through the top right corner but doesn’t look like the smoke is coming from the case like yours.

It is releasing smoke, though, similarly to the other report on this thread. I’m wondering if it’s chemical that burned and it was just escaping and if it will go away eventually, or if I should worry.

just open the oven after each step and let all the smoke out. After the burn in procedure, it shouldn’t smoke like that again.