Anova One Problem (Strong Electrical Smell)

Hello everyone, 

I have had my Anova One for several months and have used it for well over a 30+ hours of cooking, but just recently while using it, it developed a strong electrical smell. This lasted for over 3-4 cooking sessions, until the most recent session the heater coil seemed to have failed half way though the cooking. I checked the fuse which is fine. I also already contacted Anova, but I have read it can take sometime before they get back to you. Finally I ordered my Anova One on Amazon, so I am not to sure how to go about the warranty/return process if necessary. Thanks


If it has been several months then Amazon can’t help. It would be a warranty issue at that point. All you can do is to contact Anova for a replacement. I think they’re having e-mail issues, but they are working on it.