I am done!!!!

I used my Anova Precision cooker for less than a year and now am having problems with the unit. First the water doesn’t circulate. Then the timer stopped counting down. Now I am done. Have invested a lot of money in a cooking method I believed in I am now so discouraged.
Willing to admit defeat and ready to give up.

Have you contacted support? The units have a 24 month warranty on them.

I must admit that hearing “admit defeat and ready to give up” as your response to experiencing a problem with an electronic device that is still under full warranty caught me off guard at first…then I got to thinking that one might get pretty upset when they are all ready to do a cook and this happens!
Contact support. From everything I’ve seen and heard they have a pretty good record of making people happy when their units fail while still under warranty!

Best of luck!

After my two year warranty expired, my Anova wheel stopped working. Call them and they offered me only $25 against the new higher price. Very dissatisfied. Only can use the unit with my smartphone and the Anova app to set the temperature. The rotor stopped working so I removed the casing and cleaned it and it started up again. Not very happy with a unit that doesn’t last two years and when it stops completely I’ll buy a Joule or something similar.