Anova Customer Service and Warranty is non existent

My knob broke off from one of my Precision Cookers. Less than 2 years old. Not Abuse. I emailed them a few weeks ago and never received a response back. I also tried to chat and when they figured out why I was chatting they desappeared. I suggest to all my friends to buy these. And I have purchased more than one for Myself and gifts. But no more… Does anyone have a phone number where you can talk to an actual person? Or do you think I’ll just get transferred around and disconnected or left on hold for hours? For the cost of their products they should support them. Looked to me as a production issue.

Not sure where you are, but there’s a toll free number on the support page:

Toll-Free: 1-855-421-8282
Hours: Monday - Friday,
9am - 5pm (Eastern)

Ok I’ll try that number again tomorrow. I am in Wisconsin

The warranty for the Anova is two years. If you are within that window it might be your best option.

I’m not clear about the “knob” you had break off (guessing it’s for the side clamp), but I find low temperature thermoplastic useful when it comes to molding replacements for “things that break” around the house. Put it in 140F water and it becomes malleable and can be shaped as needed. In my experience once the plastic hardens it holds up well.
Here’s a link to a YouTube video where the thermoplastic I’m talking about is being used to repair something. Please note that you can actually shape plastic parts in their entirety with this as well:

Another alternative - if you have a 3D printer - is printing a new replacement part.

Best of luck!