1 week old Pro showing 32F, completely unresponsive

A bit of a panic as dinner is in just a few hours. I had planned to sous vide pork tenderloin for Sunday dinner, and set my practically brand new Anova Pro (had it for a week now and used it twice) to 132F. After 10 minutes it was showing that the water was about 73F, not much warmer than the temp it started out, even though there was steam coming off the water bath. Stopped and restarted the cook cycle, with no change. After unplugging the cooker and plugging it back it now shows the set point I had previously set but displays 32F for current temperature. No response to any button presses, and won’t connect to be able to control using the app. I have reached out to technical support but don’t anticipate a response until tomorrow at the earliest, and I’m afraid the answer is going to be little more than “we’ll send you a replacement”… which will do good to make it here before Christmas at this point. Really disappointing for a $400 appliance and not a very good first impression. As for dinner tonight, I had to panic clean the pellet smoker and fire it up so it might still be okay, but not how I had planned to spend this cold and stormy Sunday.

Hi, so sorry this happened. Looks like this will need replaced. I am so sorry for this inconvenience. Please contact support@anovaculinary.com and we can assist ASAP.

As I mentioned in my post, I have already reached out to Support and they have confirmed that it needs to be replaced. This sucks, I’m definitely not going to get a replacement by this weekend and it’s doubtful that it will get here in time for Christmas this year even.

so sorry about that. We defintely understand what a bummer that is. We will try and get it shipped out ASAP.

Ugh, I just found out this morning that they haven’t even shipped my replacement cooker yet! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage: