I just received my Anova Pro about two weeks ago. My first try last week it stopped three times with a beep before it reached temperature - I had to keep restarting it. Was doing Corn 190F - worked fine for Steaks at 134F

Today is my second attempt. First item - lamb chops 134F - worked fine. Then potatoes at 190F - machine stopped at 176F and I had to restart - did this 3x. Then when it got to 190 - it just kept going. Beeping and shutting down and then going above 190F again several times.

What am I doing wrong?

I’d say that if your unit was an old one, steam from a high temperature water bath can get into the electronic boards and cause misbehavior, but Anova now coats their PC boards to prevent that.


As I mentioned in my post, the Anova Pro is brand new. Has only been used twice.

Not sure what I should do?


Contact cs for replacement. Sorry to say but it seems Anova continues with less than stellar qc.