No circulation - motor not turning at full speed.

Hi, after using my Anova sous vide (Precision cooker) abut 10 times, the motor is not turning the circulator/blade at full speed. It’s obviosuly stuck. What can I do to solve this?

Did you contact Anova Customer Support?

+1 Contact support and get your unit replaced. (You have two years of warranty on your APC - take advantage of it when you need it). Hopefully your next unit lasts you for many years!

Quick link to the support page:

I have emailed support but no reply so far. Their support page says that as it was bought through Amazon then I should contact them. Amazon will refund me but not fix or replace (I assume this is because they don’t have a replacement of the same value). Also, I am in the UK so I don’t know about sending it back as a return…

Ok, dealing with purchases on Amazon is pretty straightforward. Go look at your orders. For each one, it will tell you what the return window is. If you’ve passed it (ie, it’s expired), then you’re looking at doing a warranty claim for any manufacturer’s defects for that product. If you’re still within the window, then kick off a return request, get your refund and look at either purchasing another one or a different SV device.

These forums were designed for Anova customers to help each other out. We really can’t help you much if Anova Support isn’t responding to their e-mail (though, they’re likely having staffing issues - like every other company - due to the Covid-19 pandemic). If no response within 72 hours, I’d send a follow-up e-mail.

Just a note to say great work from Anova. They’re sending out a replacement for me. Fantastic service! :grin: