Circulating fan

I received my Anova precision about 45 days ago. I used it immediately with great results. I took it out again 4 days ago, and although water temp was OK ( many fluctuations), I noticed the fan wasn’t working ?? Anybody else have the same problem ?? I’m hesitant to return it because living in Spain, the postage is outrageous ($50 or more). Any suggestions ??

@rotabarkeep So sorry I missed this - we’d be happy to help! Have you contacted our support team? They’ll get you taken care of and can be reached at Thank you!

I’ve had mine since the kickstarter campaign, but haven’t used it in recent months because after getting very noisy, it now stops circulating the water at random - and when it does this, the temperature can climb dramatically above where it’s supposed to be. Sometimes turning it off and on again will restart the circulation fan, which again is still noisy, but I dunno - I decided I couldn’t trust it. I miss my perfect steaks though… but I don’t know if buying another Anova is worth it given it lasted less than a year before playing up. 

I too can’t return because of exorbitant shipping, and it’s outside the warranty period. 

Hi Sian Dart. I had this problem so it seems to be a fault in some units but fear not, please contact customer support. I have to say that they are absolutely phenomenal! I sent them a request over a weekend and someone got straight back to me even though it was the weekend. I emailed some pictures of my unit so that that they could see if anything visually looked wrong. I then also sent a short video of the unit running showing the circulation issue. She confirmed it was a fault. I didn’t have to send the unit back and they sent a new unit in a matter of I think 2 or maybe 3 days so I was back sous vide-ing in no time. Rare to see that standard of service these days!

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Just got my Anova and it looks like I have the same problem. The water heated up just fine but the circulating fan doesn’t seem to be working. What’s wrong ?