not circulating...

I’m using my anova nano for the first time and I noticed it isn’t circulating the water, anyone else have this problem? How was it remedied?

…The chicken is partly raw, I cooked it at 145* for 2 hours, per the instructions…

I reset the temperture to 150* and set the timer for another 2 hours. I don’t know what else to do…very disappointed in this unit, I was really looking forward to sous vide-ing different foods…should have started with some vegetables as that was my first thought… :frowning:

Hey Jen, clearly it’s a faulty Anova Nano, you’re not the first here with one.

You have taken the correct steps.
Smart lady.
You only need to add some frequent manual circulation of the water so it flows through Nano, OR, pour the somewhat heated water into a stock pot, add chicken, bring to temperature on your cooktop, stir occasionally to prevent temperature stratification. With Nono in place use it to monitor and adjust heat to maintain temperature.
Or monior water temperature with your usual kitchen thermometer.
Don’t cook for a total combined time greater that 4 hours.

Go look for the box so you can return Nano.

When that’s done contact Anova Support so they can make it right. Community is just a forum for users like you and me.

Unfortunately you have discovered the lousy quality control Chinese manufacturers provide to the rest of the world.

Thanks, I’m in contact with support right now.

Good going. Most users report satisfaction with their responsive service.

Fortunately, most circulators only fail with the first few uses if they are destined to fail at all. Beyond 30 days you should have problem free great cooking outcomes. Keep close to your replacement Nano in its early days.
Unless you enjoy all this extra cooking excitement.

By the way, sous vide isn’t a verb, it’s the name of the technique. It’s still cooking, just in a more precise manner.

Happy cooking.

update…2 of the 3 pieces of chicken looked cooked, took them out, and cut them to be sure. They were done, we tasted some and it was AMAZING!! best chicken I’ve had in a ling time! My intention is to top some tossed salads with this chicken, if we don’t quit tasting that is. Still waiting for one piece to cook…

Just for future reference. Appearance isn’t a good indicator of doneness. The chicken can look pink, particularly around the bone, and still be perfectly cooked. There is something about the sous vide cooking process that makes meats look more pink, especially a few moments after cutting. It’d be a great reference to get yourself a digital rapid read thermometer/probe (they can be picked up quite cheaply these days) if you’re at all concerned about such things.

Hopefully your replacement Nano arrives promptly.

Thanks, Ember! Yes, I have one of those thermometers. I’m in the process of contact with support, just have to wait til the week starts before I get any results. I sent them the requested info and pics/video.

As I suspected, I need to go through Amazon to get my replacement Avona. It’ll be here Thursday. I didn’t initially contact support, they reached out to me, which I really appreciate. Shows that Anoca stands behind their product. Hopefully my replacement unit won’t be a dud…if it is, I’ll just get a refund and go through Anova to get a new one.

Anova not Anoca lol proofreading would have helped…