New anova cooker not work circulation

Hellou, i buyed new anova precision. Delivery yesterday. I try cook chicken is seal vacuum bag. Bags are ready , i flturn on aniva and nothing circulation not work and i hear bad sound … i see on rod brown color… what now?

Here is video:

That’s corrosion and mineral deposit. That doesn’t look like a brand new machine. I would contact your point of sale and then contact Anova support on This is not how a brand new, unused unit should look.

Did you buy it directly from Anova or through a third party: Amazon, eBay, etc.? If you bought it from Anova, get in touch with support. If not, contact the seller ore the host site.

i buyed from anova culinary page

Then i would do as @Ember suggests, add contact support

Sounds fishy to me.

They obviously sent you a second-hand unit. There is corrosion as well as mineral deposits. Personally, I’d give them hell for this.