Nano sous Vide

Just received my Nano precision cooker. Yesterday started with ribs, set to “cook” @ 143.6 for 26 hours. Water reached the correct temperature, but never circulated (very light circulation). I kept watching, thinking that maybe it would start. It either shut off or temp kept going higher than what it was set for. Luckily I hadn’t given away my old cheap sous vide, so i switched devices and old one is working like a charm!

Am i doing something wrong? I’m extremely disappointed in what i thought was a reputable appliance.

Hi ya @Pattycake

ANY circulation, as long as there is circulation, is adequate.

I don’t have an ANOVA Nano. Can it be disassembled as for cleaning? Ensure that the circulation impeller is intact, clean, and spins.

Lack of temperature control is another issue and an obvious failure, as is shutting off.

Trying this morning worth only water in pot. It’s reached target temp, circulating, but not as strong as the older one I have, but working ok

Would use the orange box chat option on your computer screen, highlight this thread & ask them to investigate…