Oops, Nano operator error but beware

Trying to cook with my brand new Nano last night I found it would start heating/circulating with the LED indicator flashing blue properly but when I walked by my setup a few minutes later all activity had stopped and the LED was steady white. – I restarted this several times and the result was the same. Crap, had my Nano died an early death?!

Rather than dig out my 800W Wifi Anova to continue, I abandoned Sous Vide and poured another frosty cold beer to enjoy with some quick microwave leftover roasted chicken without a side dish for dinner.

Today I explored what might have gone wrong if the Nano really wasn’t dead.

I use a Rubbermaid commercial 12 Qt space-saving container. I noticed that the water level was down a bit but was apparently still ABOVE the Nano minimum level line at around 9QT (I usually keep water level at 10Qt).

Remembering that I last cooked a 2.5 lbs tri-tip, which displaces a goodly amount of water, I wondered if I’d drawn down the water a bit when I dropped the TT in to cook.

To test, I added water back to the 10Qt line and re-started Nano for 185F. Wonder of wonders, it proceeded to circulate and heat as normal. I let it run all the way to 185F and all seems normal.

So, it appears that the minimum level marking on the Nano is a serious limit of operation. Operators pay attention to water level! I’m keeping mine at 10Qt when I use the Nano.

One last note, my legacy 800W Wifi circulator has a wider minimum/maximum zone than the newer Nano and the Wifi model has an adjustable clamp for use in more container sizes.

Jus Sayin’ :slight_smile:

Mr Timmy. Sorry for your loss…:confused: I have the 900 watt blu tooth blu ray digitized wi-fied brain controlled w/built in dvd player, hi-speed internet, call waiting blah, blah, blah. I am in agreement with many here that this is simply another kitchen tool like my electric carving knife. I don’t know if your problem was in manual mode or in a program mode. I love my unit and have given up on the smart part. I am content with the “flip phone” operation (ie set it yourself.) Hope you don’t have a defective unit but if so they’ll make it right. :grinning:

Addendum. Didnt see you got your issue cleared up!

Not a matter of an issue being cleared up. The Nano works fine, it was pure operator error.

Always useful to read the entire OP before drafting a reply. :wink:

Thanks for replying though.

@MrTimmy Thanks for the info! I’ve not purchased a Nano (yet) but it’s good to have someone already using one identify anything to watch out for. (And personally I love the adjustable clamp on my WiFi Anova. Flexibility is king! :slight_smile: )

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