Water level and Nano

I recently bought Nano and cooked a pork shoulder. My only issue was that to get the water over the min mark to preheat it would of overflowed when I added the meat. My pot was 10.5 in high and 11 diam . The clamp is not adjustable and the min line will always be only 3.5 in from the top of the container and the max line will always be at the very top. Is there an easy work around? This time I displaced water with bowls but that was anything but easy.

You could just preheat the water at the min level, then use a larger measuring cup (or a really big coffee mug) to take the water level down a bit, add your meat and then top up the water to the max with what’s left in the cup/mug.
(I’d turn off the Nano when you reduce the water below the min line, so it doesn’t complain) :slight_smile:


I’ve also found this to be a somewhat annoying aspect of using my Nano. There are lots of things I like about it, but this tendency to require water to be filled closer to the “brim” than I have to with my WiFi unit is a pet peeve. I’ve gotten around it by filling a travel water bottle full enough to displace the desired volume of water, submerging it during the heat up cycle, then removing it when the bath is ready for the food. If you’ve a greater volume of food you can just use an additional bottle to displace more water. Perhaps not a perfect solution, but it works just fine.

Well I don’t have an Anova, but mine is basically the same way though. I’ve learned pretty close to how much my steaks, or roast or whatever I’m cooking will displace. So I fill it accordingly. Then when I submerge the meat it comes up pretty close to the max line. Honestly, if I have to add a little more hot tap water, it only takes a few minutes to get back to temp. I’m sure it doesn’t effect a 2 or 3 hour cook…