Need Help with New Nano - Newbie

I received the Nano as a Christmas gift. I cooked a pork tenderloin successfully for New Year’s day. I’m trying to get my second cook in and ran into problems. I’m cooking a 3# sirloin tip. I have the device set to 140°F and started at 16 hours. About 5 hours into the cook, I started hearing noises that ranged from a low pitch hum to a high pitched whine to a rattling noise. I could find nothing online that described the sounds, but I did learn that sometimes the impeller gets out of alignment; so I unplugged the device, removed the cover at the bottom and spun the impeller.

When I tried to restart, I had trouble getting the Nano to pair with the app on my iPhone. I was successful ultimately, but I don’t know what I did to get it to pair. I think I was having difficulty getting the Nano to turn on. Once I heard it hum, my phone showed the Nano as connected; and I can see the temp and timer values in the app.

The Nano did not come with an instruction manual. I haven’t found one online. Can someone point me to one? I feel certain that I need to know more about the settings and how to use them.

Thanks. aa

Check your water level. The water level needs to fall between the min and max levels. It also helps, for a long cook, to either use ping pong balls on top to slow evaporation, or depending on the vessel you are using, buy a top to secure over the cooking vessel to slow evaporation. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, Donna!

I checked the water level and it was between min and max and never fell out of range. I fashioned an aluminum foil ‘lid’ to keep evaporation down. It still had plenty of water when I finally finished the cook. I never figured out what caused the noises. Several times I unplugged it, removed the bottom cover, and spun the knob on the impeller.

It finally worked ok…

Sorry for the bad lighting. It came out ‘medium’. I think I’ll lower the cooking temp on the next one. And, I’ll buy some ping pong balls. :wink:

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Sorry my suggestion did not work. The beef looks amazing!!! Delicious.