Nano question (mainly)

I am contemplating getting a nano as i’ve seen one cheap elsewhere, however beyond the fact that it is lower powered (fine, insulated lidded pot used) I own the early standard precision cooker, which disassembles for easier cleaning & de-calcification, removing bits of floating labels etc.
(it is demonstrated in the photo’s as having separation, which is good)

The nano? …is it the same, allowing the same access or not (pics do not show separation on the site) is the impeller s/steel or plastic?

Can I hook up the 2 “different model” anova units to my android phone? (or even 3 if I were to consider the pro unit at some point)?

What frequency of tone does the nano use for audible notifications? & why don’t our phones (fitted with the anova app) utilise our phones sounds to aleert as to loss of signal, finished cook etc?

Being deaf & suffering tinnitus sound would be very useful as a reminder /alert system, many food cooks are lengthy “fit & forget” & often I do …going way beyond the planned cook time due to getting involved in other stuff.
Thanks for your time.

Hello! The Nano skirt does not disassemble. The cap on the bottom twists off to reveal the plastic impeller, but it is not the same as the Precision Cooker in that regard. You can add multiple devices in one app.

Unsure on the frequency but can look into that for you! Appreciate the feedback

Thanks, it makes it impossible to inspect for calcified elements then (a really rigourous routine needed) shame that.

I note there is a distinct separation join in the pics? is the lower half S/Steel or is that plastic too?
Having the sous vide live on the work top, in water that is changed regularly I do like to cast my eye over the condition & cleanliness (sometimes a fingernail is needed to dislodge what vinegar dips leave) …& if ever there is a bag explosion (oh my) …a proper clean up involves checking the element & impeller.
Suddenly with that restriction alone its not the deal I originally anticipated then.

One of the things that jars me about modern kitchen design & elsewhere is flat nubless touchscreen operation, how do you advise the sight impaired to operate your kit? the last 18 months of covid I’ve had only partial vision due to hospitals pretty much closing everything, & operations / treatment on perma-hold, luckily one eye still works fine (although getting older) there was little choice from electrolux for raised function keys on its modern induction stoves (that broke after around 1/2 dozen uses) “flat rules” in this area of design, …how about dealing with that, maybe test some raised area overlay sticker or similar for those wishing to avail themselves of product who need a metaphorical hand to carry on living independently.

One thumb locating hot water level of a pan on a hob is not a great look, fishing for a sous vide bag easy, its safer imho, has the company worked with any disability exponents / advocates as to, assistance & increased market share, thus furthering the ability & renown of product?

Talking PID controllers & thermometors already exist, …& you don’t have to be disabled to find advantage in alerts / spoken word-phrase temp settings & timers, …look at the use of alexa & siri et al (though I don’t want either data-raping me more than they do already)


Problem solved, now bought a second unit via the boxing day sale (£51 something delivered for bluetooth stock)
Nice as it means I can have a permanent set up in the cool box too / “a loaner” to push the product :rofl:

Thanks for the opportunity Anova. :kissing_heart: