Anova SV Nano....Not recomended!

Where do I start.
First Nano, broken clamp, Bluetooth would not hookup, water temp sensor rendered the product inoperable. Three weeks later I was finally able to get response from support as to when I could see a replacement…1 month later.
Second Nano, out of the box the box, the top display cap fell off in my hand. I had to GLUE it back on! The Bluetooth would not linkup ever after a download reinstall. Now ,Wait for it…the water temp sensor locked at 182f. Even after the last time I jumper through their hoops, they forgot that they sent me the last unit, hence, I needed to give them the entire history including receipts. Do yourself a solid and RUN!

Did you auto-hook up yr anova OR set it to presumably run on 2.5ghz from the outset via router settings (ie run 2.5 & 5 singularly to test then both in tandem if router is capable)

Did the problems occur on the FIRST unit from new or down the road?

The cap popping off is not terminal, if you search there was a thread on it recently, it clips back in, though i’d recommend a thin smear of silicone or similar, not a schmear as in loading up a bagel.
(However I can see how these things mount up)

What country are you (that is not clear, but presumably the use of F denotes the north america’s?

Are you aware this forum is not monitored nor answered by Anova, if you feel you have to let them have it both barrels or speak to someone more competent than you encountered then try getting on chat & asking to speak to TREY the most pro-active (why they keep 1/2 of the others I do not know…

Likely you will get swift resolution if you deal with him & no-one else! (the others are not educated enough in the brand they represent for me to trust enough to babysit a sleeping cat which is why you often run into problems with staff let alone faulty from new product)

OK, now a possible fix “have you tried turning it off & on yet” !? …IE REMOVE the plug from the wall socket, let electronics power down for 3 days (residual energy) plug in, turn on if it still shows “stuck” rapidly flick the power on the wall socket to try to hard reset the unit.

THIS WORKED for me with a crashed PRO unit NEW in 2023 that would not hook up (proximity, metal foil insulation signal blocking, not necessarily being on the right router frequency) …touch wood working just fine, no lock outs since

Who did you deal with when requesting a replacement / return?

I agree their oversight is bad (thus the cat-sitting comment) from the lower level cs associates who are a waste of time,

Based on similar clown shoes issues incurred (they don’t READ detail preferring to skim it) I also had to point out the various unit purchases to my address (which luckily had not changed) I still had to make them go back & look over (& validate) my unit was still under warranty as they were referring to the old unit.

Ultimately, keep all the courier sticker detail on a photo in your pc / cloud, ditto the anova packaging details which is a clear indication of when bought, shipped & received, for instance I bought one anova unit on boxing day one year, & received it in mid february? …but my warranty was for the purchase date which I had to argue a toss about as the point of delivery being the start of warranty when the unit was so clearly held up, I kept the box outer so was able to use this as reference, if I ever sell a unit having the boxes also adds value under the perception of hardly used / well looked after (crazy human minds)

That aside, when they work & my original works well as does my pro being the main ones I use) any bumps in the road are washed away (in low temp energy efficient cooking) with lip smacking foodstuffs, so don’t let your angst give you a peptic ulcer, get cooking, if you’d researched here you’d have found glue was not necessary requiring only even pressure to seat it against the plastic flex, only heard of a few doing that, no biggie, but the 61.1c temp is concerning…

If you still have it try a reboot, be aware it is a basic computer device, so prone to the foibles of anything phone, pc or whatever having a freakout & lockdown, which we often take in our stride far better than a new piece of electronics whose set up has already irked us.

Thus when my newly delivered pro anova unit froze upon boot up & code pairing insertion I left it unplugged & flicked power through it (context, long enough for it to show stuck or otherwise) as a method of forced reboot, I wish there was a reset button it would likely save a lot of problems & return costs / warranty claims.

The odd thing (particularly for the older original units) is the 2.5ghz frequency, which I understood applied to the newer units too, however my PRO hooked up to 5ghz whilst I was waiting for my IT capable wife to fiddle around with settings on the router, she never needed to, I am not compelled to break what is working thus left it, however scattered around the anova site are troubleshooting crumbs.

Try forcing your stuck temp unit(s) & see if that sorts them for the temp stick, was that manually dialled in OR via the app, in which case did you play around with stopping a cook & starting another or just try the touchscreen?

PS, the finished quality of food they produce makes it all worthwhile.

When push comes to shove though I wouldn’t ever consider the nano (myself) due to my heavy use of anova’s (two more often than not) & the speedier heating from a standing start compared to the nano, small thing but also handy when doing a big container cook it has the “oomph”

Looking at the who we are page of staff, trey seems to have disappeared, try the head of CS / head of customer success to contact on the chatbox.