Faulty brand new Anova pro

I literally just plugged in my new anova pro machine with excitement only to realise that the buttons don’t work.

The worst part is that I have to use it for client work. I read reviews about the faulty machines Anova sells but decided to go against the reviews I have read. Livid is an understatement, I am in shock that a brand new product out of the box does not work. I do not know what to do regarding my work.

Anova, thank you for ruining my day, night, and weekend. At this point, I just want my money back. I will never buy an Anova product as long as I liv.

Please contact support.

I have found that contacting a vendor gets a better positive result than airing a negative comment on a forum.

I’ve had a couple of issues with Anova products. My 2019 APC arrived without a clamp. I contacted Anova support and they promptly sent one out. I recently purchased the Pro while it was discounted and the temperature on the one I received was not accurate. Again, support was great about it and sent me out a replacement. Sometimes there are problems with products. Nothing is ever perfect, but I’ve found that support at Anova is great about correcting the issues and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

I am yet to feel that love from support yet. I asked for a UK toll free number to call and haven’t had any response to my email yet.

I am unimpressed with Anova to say the least

Did you explain the situation, or just ask for a UK number? They may not have a phone number that you’re looking for. Unfortunately, not every company (or most) in the zoo has toll free numbers for every country the sell in.

My Pro had issues out of the box and the replacement is also defective, so I am tapping out as well. I bought the Pro because I wanted maximum reliability, but it’s just not worth the hassle.

Me too. I’m on a second replacement (via Amazon) and it exhibits the same behavior as the first. It will connect to WiFi (Android 9, LG Phone), the app will find it and demand an update. Once you press update it immediately switches the screen with a big “UPDATE FINISHED” button at the bottom. I think this may confuse some as it did me at first.

Both cookers will flash to the celicius scale and display 0.0 and 322.0. Only after a few reboots will they begin to “update” with both getting no further than 75%, then reboot.

Neither will enter pairing mode, either out of the box or after the failed update.

Neither will do a firmware dump (three button hold) to force an update.

I believe I am done with this brand as I, like many others, bought the “Pro” version thinking it would be just that. Unfortunately it has turned into amateur hour.

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The scenarios you’ve described are nearly identical to mine! The only difference being, that I mine will get stuck at 0.0 during an attempted update and not initiate the update at all. The 322.0 display, the firmware dump issue, it’s all consistent with my experiences.

I agree about the counterintuitive UI in the app during firmware updates - it added an extra element of annoyance and implied broader quality issues.

I asked Anova customer service if they could please verify the next replacement Pro’s functionality before shipping it, but they advised they could not, as the replacements ship from a different warehouse. My wife noticed that my replacement Pro has a noticeably louder amount of high pitched motor noise than the original Pro I received, so between the noise and learning they come from a different warehouse, I suspect the replacements are refurbished…

Sad really because these things are built like a tank, which is why we buy them. I haven’t dunked the replacement to see if it makes any other noises. I wanted it to update first and test functionality - which it failed.

The replacement will no longer accept the update (like yours, stuck at 0.0 with 322.0 displayed) after the first attempt.

Does anyone know of a “reset” button sequence we can try? I hate to give up so easily on a product, but it should not be up to the end user to figure out how to make these work (as advertised).