Nano delivery

So has anyone out there actually received a Nano yet? I am told they have shipped over 1500 units. But will not give me a date for mine other than soon. Been waiting for over a year now. Any first impressions??

They are currently being shipped out. Some have already received it, some have not, but will. Once it’s on its way to you, you’ll receive an email with tracking info. We anticipate to have all US orders shipped by June 30th.

About the Nano, I personally love it. The notification/sounds are kinder, the unit is smaller, lighter, smarter, water resistant, and very quiet.

I too would love to hear everyone’s first impressions of the Nano from those who have received it already!

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Alyssa, what is the plan for Nano introduction / sale to the general public?


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It’s going to be available on Amazon June 30th. :slight_smile: What do you mean by Nano introduction?

re: Introduction - Kind of the same thing. Thanks.

I’ll keep an eye out on Amazon.

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I’d wait to see if they put it on sale with the other’s July 4th weekend. :smiley:

(maybe not as it’s new) :slight_smile: Might have to wait for the next long weekend.

It’s already gonna be for the low-low. 99 bucks.

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Heh. You should have known better than to answer that. :wink: :smiley:

Your current bluetooth APC (800w) on (regular price) - $98.99
The WIFI APC(900w) - $129.99

So, why would someone pay $1 more for something that is 100w less capacity? Because it’s cute? :slight_smile:

I know…Anova’s response to that will be to raise the price of the bluetooth APC to 119.99, right? :slight_smile:

…guessing the bluetooth APC will get dropped from the product lineup…it’s in direct competition to the Nano.

If you DO raise the price of the bluetooth APC, then you’ll get more people buying those cheap clones that look like the APC that are coming out of China. (maybe even the same plant that yours is produced in) whistles softly :wink:

Does that mean that they actually stop at some point? If so, that would be a step in the right direction.

The Nano is adorable, but it has advantages. Here’s a few: The Nano is actually smarter. The connection is better and more reliable and the device will be able to update regularly and improve its technology. The touch interface is super easy and intuitive. It’s also super quiet. The clip/clamp is more durable and fits virtually any pot. The Nano is much lighter and smaller. It’s a perfect entry-level device and it’s great a second sous vide device, too.

I think I need to make a video soon so everyone can see some of the cool things the Nano can do.

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Once we actually start receiving them the comments might start taking care of itself.


How does someone go about ordering the nano if they decided to cancel their preorder? I received an email saying I would be able to purchase for the same price whether I canceled my order or kept it. Does that still apply? Thanks for the reply.

@Bbqboss yup yup it still applies!

As to the how, I would forward that e-mail that you have to and ask them what additional information they need to kick off your order at the reduced price. :slight_smile:

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I have received my two Nanos. Here are my first impressions: It is super quiet! Much quieter that my original Anova Bluetooth. It looks great, quality appears good. I haven’t tried the app yet but the controls on the unit work fine. At first I thought there was a problem with the timer but soon realized it was me. I though I had set it to 90 minutes and 55 seconds, not realizing that I had set it for 90 hours and 55 minutes! First cook went great(not 90 hours). For me the flaw in the Nano is the opening of the clamp. I usually cook in a cooler and the wall thickness it to big for the clamp. No big deal on shorter cooks, I can just use a pot. I like using coolers because I can cook large amounts, even with a Nano, because it makes them so much more efficient. Someone at Anova pointed out that the Coleman 24 can stacker cooler works fine with the clamp. I was thinking about getting one of those anyway. I look forward to the fall when the multi cook app comes out. In the meantime I still have three Anova cookers to keep me busy. Tomorrow night I’ll see how my 48 Hour chuck roast turns out.

From the picture, it looked like the clamp isn’t removable (so, doing what we do with the APC’s, where we use a hole saw to create an opening that provides a really good seal against evaporation may be problematic with the Nano).

Can you confirm?

Also - people have posted that the 24/28 can Coleman Stacker’s use the same lid - so if you get one, you may want to get both - that way you could customize one lid for sous vide use, then use the other lid for using it as a cooler.

The Anova app on iOS hasn’t been updated in a while. Does it already understand the Nano?

Correct, the clamp is fixed!

We’ve pushed a bit of updates to the app. Check if you have the latest version? The Nano can be operated with our app.

Well that kind of sucks that I’d be able to get it faster from Amazon with Prime than my pre-order. Amazon would have had it to me in two days or less.

Is it shipping out from the west coast via ground still? Was hoping to have it before the holiday.