anova nano not heating, first try

I just received my nano and thought it would be a doddle to use, it looks so simple. I filled a container with water to go over the minimum level, set the temperature to to to 45c, filled it with warm water which shows as being 40c. Press go and it just flashes up LO in red but does not start heating the water. What am I doing wrong ?

Also, not heating but getting colder. Just a beep when I switch it on then nothing.

thanks, Joanne

Please contact support.

I live in France, there is no number anywhere for support. So guess there was not much use in posting on forum. Thanks anyway.

I figured out eventually what my problem was, needed a bit extra water. The warning was that water level was too low, bad eyesight.

The forum is made up of users and enthusiasts. Anova will pop in from time to time, but mostly to handle spam. They don’t interact with the posts here. When you run into issues with your unit, definitely search to see if there’s a solution that’s been found and posted here, but with new problems, your best bet is going you be to contact support or customer service. Both do have email addresses.

Hi I had the exact problem initially. Just realised That for me the water level needs to be a higher than the indicated minimum mark for some reason.

So just added more water into the pot and it started to work.

Hope this helps!

thank you Souvee, that turned out to be my problem as well. Appreciating you taking the time to answer.

You’re most welcome. I was scratching my head for a little while too when I had the problem. Glad I helped and it worked for you.

I guess the printed water level indicator on the nano is not that accurate and you just need to top up more water than that.

Happy cooking!

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