Water level low

Hi there i unpacked my anova precision cooker bought my thick steaks filled the pot put cooker in connected it to my ph did temp and how long and pressed start and the alarm went off for low water. The water mark was in between hi and low. Has any body had this happen.

Check out the Trouble Shooting Guide from support. But if the beeping continues after a system reset your best bet is probably calling or emailing them.

Thankyou for trying to help. I did everything even pet it sit overnight in rice to pull all moisture out with no luck. Something happened from the shop to my house and I have no idea what…so warranty claim is filled out now what to do next at least I have the box and everything.

Call support or email them, support@anovaculinary.com, they’ll arrange an exchange for you.

Have you tried heating up your unit with a hair blow-drier? I’m a retired electronics tech/computer tech and have used this technique many times with good results! Give it a shot if you can! I hope this helps, good luck!!

Yes already arranged they just said to give here a go after looking over the web I cannot get over how many people have the problem one difference is most seem to start and work then it happens where mine won’t even start :disappointed_relieved: lucky I can freeze everything. Man I hope the turn around is quick.