Anova Precision red light

Need help my Anova is telling me there is low water in container for it to work,have checked water level its ok have unpluged it checked to make sure it is fitted corectly which it is but still getting error message low water.
This product is 2 years old and I use it 3 or 4 times a week.

Any advice please

Sorry to hear this @fishslice112

I recommend that you contact ANOVA Support - the address is around here somewhere. Best wishes.

You use yours a lot! You might inspect for scale (water hardness) buildup on the various tubes inside the unit. Enough scale buildup will act as an insulator, both for temperature and for water level sensing, and may therefore be giving your unit a false reading. Here in SoCal (very hard water), I need to descale about every 50 hours of use.

Hi there, thanks for advice. I was able to remove some light scaling and that has worked .

Many thanks.


Mine live in the water 24/7 VERY hard water, changed weekly (ish) lid on helps keep it cleaner & clearer, I use water I save from a morning tap pour for fresh tea, which is bottled & stored, used 3+ times per week, vinegar dunk every few months for 20 minutes then rinse & reassemble, sparkly 2016 ? original unit! (one of two)