Continuous Beeping - Not Water Level

I have been receiving the drawn out beeping indicative of low water level, however the water level is fine. I have read the support note about letting the unit dry in case there is trapped steam, however after over one month of “drying”, the unit still produces a constant beep when I try to run it. Note that when I plug it in, the screen looks fine, and I can adjust the set temperature with no issue. But the unit will not start, and instead just produces a long, high pitched beep.

Any advice on what else could be causing the problem? Is it possible to open the top to ensure there is in fact no water trapped in there?

Contact customer support. I, unlike some other, have found them responsive and helpful.

Which model, what age?

Purchased new in 2019, so one of the original models, I think. It’s not a nano, and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The first 2 releases did not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The first model looks nothing like the more streamlined later releases. Not much a user can do for your issue.

Do you have built-up scale on the inner workings? If so, they may be insulating the water level sensors (as well as the temperature sensor). You should be able to remove the outer sleeve with a small turn to expose the works.

Maybe too late to salvage this unit, unless you get inside, …but water vapour, keep it out, make a vapour deflector out of household “crap” or, PREFERABLY use a pot that you can utilise a silicone lid cover that when cut to shape keeps water vapour under the lid.

If you haven’t already noticed there are teardowns of anova units on youtube which might give you the impetus to try a rescue.

No build-up scale, but thanks for the suggestion.

I did contact customer support, but they won’t even talk to me without a receipt, which I am trying to locate. So a teardown might be my only option. I’ve used a fitted lid from day 1, so I have no idea why there would be water vapor in there, and even if there was, surely it would have evaporated by now; it’s been 2 months now.

On a side note, I purchased a new model this week so I have something to use, but the noise it produces is unbearable, and I can’t get it connected to wifi or BT, so it’s going back. I am really hoping I can get the old one fixed, as it has been almost perfect to this point.

Personally, I would open it up & give it a good wipe down (paying heed to anti-static) spray some electronics quality isopropylene on the circuitry & allow to dry whilst looking to see if there is anything else visible hard water build up on circuit tracks.
& take note of the units mac address whilst in there.

Look up “Mark Furneaux” on the tube of you.