I’ve simply had it with the incessant beeping!
How do I make it stop?
If it can’t be killed it’s going in the bin!

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Unfortunately your Anova seems to be affected by the car owner virus. It is permanently reversing.

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Some pertinent information would be useful. Have you looked at the FAQs in the Support section? Have you enough water in the container? What situation were you in when the beeping started? Have you contacted support?

FAQ = Yes
Water = Yes
Support = Yes
Situation = Beeps at everything for stupid reasons
Beeps when reaches temp (totally NOT necessary)
Beeps when loses Bluetooth connection (totally NOT necessary)
Beeps incessantly after tap “Stop Anova” in the app (totally ANNOYING)

I want to turn the beep function OFF COMPLETELY
It’s pointless and unnecessary

I only just got that. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rofl:

Errrr… None of these are considered problems. In fact, it is supposed to beep under these circumstances.


You are not helping.
I don’t care when or why the stupid thing beeps.

I want it to stop ok.

Nothing else in my kitchen beeps and for good reason. It’s totally unnecessary!!!

So unless you know how to kill the stupid beeper…

You could try unplugging it. :wink:

But seriously. You’d probably do better sending some feedback direct to the company via Support email. This forum is populated by fellow Anova users. There hasn’t been a company rep chime in on anything posted here for well over a year. Can only assume that they’re still reading, but if you want to be sure your complaint reaches them you’d be better to talk to them by direct means.


A hammer sometimes helps but there are drawbacks… seriously I can barely hear it. Seriously tho, are you saying that when you run low on water it starts beeping (really the only time it beeps constantly) and you can’t get there quick enuf to top it up or what?


Nothing else in your kitchen beeps? Really? Because my stove beeps when it reaches temp. My toaster beeps when the toast is finished. My microwave beeps everytime I hit a button on the panel. The timer on my stove beeps when it goes off.

If you don’t use the app (which is largely unnecessary) you won’t get beeping when it loses Bluetooth or when you stop it in the app. As far as a single beep when it reaches temp? I don’t think you’re going to get much sympathy here for that one.

Boy, talk about first world problems…


Throw it in the bin then… problem solved…

  1. Switch on
  2. Set temperature
  3. Set time
  4. Tap on/off switch and the circulator starts to heat up
  5. When it reaches the set temperature it beeps
  6. Tap the setting button, the timer starts and the beeping stops
  7. When the time you set is up, it beeps to tell you.

That’s not stopping the beeping tho…

Well, the “beep” when it reaches temp is a momentary thing, so I’m hoping that like me you could live with it. The main issue I bet is the incessant continuous beeping when cook time has finally elapsed. Hated that myself.

And since I set temp and kick it off without setting a completion time on the unit I don’t have to deal with that ongoing “beep” at completion. I time it by my phone, or more often just by looking at the clock on the wall and making note in my head as to when it will be done. Sous vide is forgiving of an overlong cook if I forget to get to it on time. I know you want ALL the beeping gone, but if you just kick it off manually and avoid using the onboard timer like most of us do I think you’ll find it bearable. Fingers crossed that this advice helps!

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So, you don’t want to be notified when it reaches temperature?
Or if it loses Bluetooth connection?
You should have bigger things in the world to worry about than a little beep now and again.

You are complaining over a product feature. None of us can fix your problem. Complain to someone who can make a difference… Anova.

It sounds like you still haven’t figured out why the beep sounded, so if I haven’t found the cause it’s hard for me to help you fix the problem you’re having.

Could it be moisture getting to the electronics?

If outside, condesation can affect the circuit board. Once fall temps set in, I had trouble with mine.

I bought one of those low profile party coolers ($16), drilled a 2" hole in the lid toward one side, to set the unit through. The “steam” stayed contained in the cooled and NOT on my unit.

I can easily solve your problem…
Take the unit out of the water… after wiping it clean, plug it back in… press the start button 3 times within 1 second. Unplug the unit. Place it in the box. Send it to me & I will do a special modification to it, then… I will keep it…
Dude… if you are so concerned about the beeping, throw the damn thing out… It beeps to give you a warning about something, otherwise it’s perfectly quiet… I’ve had no issues with mine. In a typical cook, it’ll beep maybe 6 times… in a range of 36 to 48 hours. I’m on my 3rd one… I currently use 2… Gave the 3rd one to my brother… no issues with beeping… .