Sous Vide may just be over your pay grade. You might want to go back to the frying pan.

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@FlamingHedgehog As several others have pointed out, I’m not certain if this is an issue or a mis-understanding of some technologies. My Anova beeps when it comes to temperature, starts and stops cooking. When it comes to temperature, I’m okay with that as it tells me I can safely go off and do something else. When it stops cooking that triggers several other items in my kitchen list, most of which have already started, which I need to know to make sure my meal makes it to our plates more, or less, on time.
So I guess my question is, are these beeps informative? Or are they beeping to tell you there is an issue?

Personally, I just take my hearing aids out. Of course, that means I miss my wife yelling at me that the GD SV is ready but hey, that’s not my problem.