Anova precision cooker not circulating water

In January 2022, I bought new Anova Precision Cooker 900w unit through Amazon. I used it once or twice and then, in mid March, I set it up to use again and discovered that the unit was not circulating water. I called Anova and they walked me through resetting the unit, but without success in solving the problem. Anyone have this problem and discover a solution?

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.


Warranty. You have 2 years. Get the unit replaced (they should have given you an RMA number to get it replaced).

Bought it through Amazon and Anova does not honor warranty if bought through Amazon

Of that I am skeptical.

Hi! You nedd to verify if the propeller screw is pretty tight, if not the motor will rotate bute the wather no. Other couse could be a damage in the motor, if you plug anova in a wrong voltage the motor will burn.

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I bought mine through Costco. My ANOVA Vacuum Sealer Pro from ANOVA through Amazon.

My APC impeller is a press fit.

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If you look at the list of approved sellers, you see that there are Anova stores on Amazon US, Canada and Australia - so, yes, you bought from an unauthorized 3rd party.

The reason would seem obvious - people could purchase refurbished or used units and sell them off as new product on their own Amazon store.

You could try contacting Amazon to complain about who you purchased the Anova from, but you have no recourse with Anova due to where you purchased it from.

Also, some advice? Posting your personal contact information into a publicly viewable forum on the internet is a really bad idea. Also, please don’t post religious information - many find that offensive.