My Sous Vide is not Displaying Temperature

Please can someone give me advice
My Sous Vide Precision Cooker is nit displaying actual temperature, and not switching off at the desired temperature. I suspect the thermostat may be gone, any ideas please

Hey John, you might be best served by contacting Anova Support at the above link.

FYI, Sous Vide is a cooking technique, not a piece of equipment.

Good luck on getting your circulator back in working condition.

Mine does not switch off at the desired temperature, nor I believe at the set cook duration.

What temperature is displayed, if any?

Early this morning I decided to soft cook eggs for breakfast. Sitting in my easy chair, I connected the APC app and set the desired temperature and turned on ANOVA. When Milady Wife agreed to cook the bacon and cheesey grits (we are FROM Charleston, SC) then I plopped the eggs in the cooker. I had to cycle the ANOVA off, set the time, and on again. The display alternated between actual temperature and cook time remaining. At 00:00 I used the app to turn off the ANOVA and retrieved the eggs. Later today I will set desired temperature for salmon for dinner tonight - with stove top zucchini and broccoli, and probably a crunchy bread.

The APC should not switch off at the desired temperature, it should keep the water bath very close to it, heating just to compensate for the heat losses from your vessel. Nor should it switch off when the timer is done. But it should definitely display the temperature.

So sorry about that, John. Email us at and we will assist ASAP

Ok yes, wrong wording - my Precision cooker! We just refer to it as the Sous Vide

Maybe used the wrong words, I meant that it doesn’t stop heating at the desired temperature, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter, I was measuring with a manual thermometer, and then switched it off as I was afraid of damaging it further if it got too hot. And all the while the actual temperature is not showing on the display.

Thanks I have mailed

The desired temperature displays, but not actual, and it doesn’t stop heating at the desired temperature (I checked this with a manual thermometer)