APO Sous Vide mode not precise

My oven arrived the other day! yay!

In the specifications for the oven, Anova states that the oven is accurate within 0.3 degrees celcius in Sous Vide mode.

I purchased it to do bagless Sous Vide and to replace my Precision Cooker Pro.

Every time I cook Sous Vide steaks in it, I set it to 55 celcius in Sous Vide mode, yet the oven temperatur goes to 60+ degrees. My supposedly medium rare steaks then turn out medium-medium well because of the fluctations of the oven.

I did a hard reset and updated the firmware, didn’t help. Support is fairly unresponsive,

I’ve used the Precision Cooker and Precision Cooker Pro for 2 years and really enjoyed them, but so far the oven from a Sous Vide and precision perspective is a massive disappointment for me sadly.

Anyone else had issues with Sous Vide and accuracy?

I would keep a log and adjust settings. If 55°C was too high, try 54°C next time and so on. After you found the right temperature - and if you then still get mixed results - then you have an accuracy problem.

By what indication do you see 60º+ C, the oven’s indication or by a different thermometer’s indicator?

I go by the temp stated on the display of the oven.

This is going to sound weird, but try setting the temperature to F. There may be a software/math issue.


Something doesn’t sound right! Drop a note to support@anovaculinary.com and we can assist.

From my perspective I try and cook my steaks about 10deg F less than I want them to be.

My rare steaks I set to 110f on the Anova with probe. Searing brings it up to 120 or so (3” fillets).

If you’re pulling at 140f and then searing - that’s a 150deg F steak bud.

Sous Viding below 130 fahrenheit for more than 4 hours is unsafe in regards to food safety, so going lower is not an option.

If your pan/grill/searing method is hot enough, a sous vide cooked steak will not raise even 1 degree fahrenheit during searing.

I have a Caveman for this with a 3/8 baking steel.

It does 1500 on the roof and about 1000 on the steel.

Putting a crust on that steak on most sides easily brings the temp up another 10 degrees.

We’re not talking about cooking pork here bud.

Let’s just agree to disagree, I’ve cooked several thousand steaks Sous Vide the past year and measured before and after searing, if done correctly and hot enough they don’t even raise half a degree during searing. I’ll happily make you a video measuring before and after with a thermapen one :sweat_smile:

Well, it’s going to depend on how thick the steak is. You’ll get a much higher temperature rise in the center of a 1cm thick steak than a 5cm thick steak.

The 5cm thick steak? Easy enough to keep the rise under 0.5°C. The 1cm steak? Good luck.

There’s no steak 1cm thick, that’s a slice.

We have a say that translates roughly as “less than 1.5 inches isn’t steak, it’s carpaccio” :laughing:

The APO is great, but for searing a steak at the end I still prefer a thick cast iron skillet or griddle… :fire:

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