24h sous vide and meat temp was 20 degrees higher than set point

I followed the corned beef recipe which called for 155 degrees for 24 hours. I chose 145 instead. with sous vide mode , humidity was 100% food probe in waghu corned beef from Costco. Temp held ok indicating 145… set timer for 22 hours. . meat reached 145 in 8 hours. But at finish, internal temp was 165!
Fat had rendered and meat was not tender…
Issues: Why was internal 20 degrees above set point?
Timer reset to zero every time I switched to probe temp.

Hi Sal, to get a well informed response to your issue you might want to contact Support at the link above. That’s where Anova’s corporate Support Team hangs out. Community is a mutual assistance user forum.

Obviously something is not right with your oven as internal meat temperatures cannot exceed the oven cavity temperature.

Does the oven’s probe function have an alarm that signals if the settings are exceeded? Or does the app have an alarm feature? If not, Anova oven users might find using an external remote thermometer useful. I use the ChefAlarm by ThermoWorks which is not Wi-Fi dependant as i have learned to cook without using a phone. There are many similar makes available.