Always hotter than set temperature

I’m a new Sous Vide user and have a Cooker Pro. I’ve used it a total of four times and have noticed that it has never stayed at the set temperature. I typically use 130F and noticed that it will go over. It sometimes sticks around 132 but may even get as high as 135. It usually stays between that range. I’ve used an MK4 Thermapen and confirmed that the display temperatures on the Cooker Pro match.

I have only cooked steak and have always been careful to make sure that the vacuum sealed bags never touch the unit so as to restrict water flow. Moreover, the unit never is obstructed in any way.

When using, I always keep my water level at the correct height. This is usually between the min and max level settings. I’ve used the Cooker Pro on both the 16L Anova container as well as a smaller pot. When in use in the pot I use the Anova round silicone lid to prevent evaporation. In all cases my water stays at a consistent level and NEVER goes below the min and never gets near the max level. I’m not sure if there is anything I’m missing or if I simply have a dud unit. Could the heating element be too hot? I noticed that in the 16L container the temeratures stay around 132F but in the smaller pot it stays around 134.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you