Sous Vide

I’ve just used my APO for the first time to sous vide a steak. After a few minutes, the oven temperature indicator kept leaping from 54C to 74C ever few seconds. Is this a fault or am I doing something wrong? I think I followed the instructions correctly.

That seems like a really big swing. I have no answers, other than maybe use the app to update your firmware (to make sure you’re up to date and the firmware isn’t somehow corrupted).

Thanks - I did a sous vide steak tonight and it worked fine - I guess the firmware updates make a real difference. At the age of 71 this is quite a learning curve!

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Thanks - I’m sure you’re right about the firmware as the problem seems to have disappeared since the firmware was updated!

It is certainly a bit more science than art. @chatnoir, a well-traveled chef here on the site, suggested keeping a note book to ease the learning curve, and so I do, although I’m a bit lazy about it: I make notes when things go really well, and when things go really sideways. Everything else, I just go with it.

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