Latest Firm Ware update

Good day Folks

I just received my APO last week and it worked perfectly well when I used it manually. As soon as I paired my iPhone and downloaded the latest Firm Ware the problems really started. As soon as I set a cook program and pressed Start, the Cook Target time would immediately reset to 00:00 and it would the fan would shut down. I am seriously thinking of sending it back and requesting a full refund as I am becoming a bit browned off about the lack of support during European Office Hours.
Anova Support provided the following instructions the results are shown in parentheses:

  1. Press and hold the WiFi icon and start button for 8 seconds. The display will light up all LEDs for a few seconds. Once it returns to regular display it is ready to pair to the app again

“Once I had done this, I was able to operate the oven manually and it appeared to be fully operational”.

  1. Open the app and go to the more tab. Click ‘Disconnect my oven’

“Done, no problems”

  1. Now, either click Connect oven or go to the oven tab and then follow the connection process.

“Done, no problems”

  1. Once paired you will be prompted to complete the FW update

“After installing the FW Update (v 1.1.20) the oven was totally non-operational again with same fault as before”

Subsequently I redid step 1 again and the oven is manually operational. I suspect therefore that there is a problem with the FW update so will operate the oven manually until Anova can advise any further remedy to ensure that there are no issues with the Firm Ware itself.

In addition since I did all of the above, when using the oven in Sous Vide mode, I am now experiencing the following issue:

Once I have selected Sous Vide mode (control No 3) and selected the Temperature using control No 5; the selected Temperature is displayed in the Temperature Display (No 4).

As soon as I start the oven thought the temperature display (No 4)switches to “61 3.8” when Fahrenheit temperature has been selected or “ 32 3.2” when Centigrade temperature has been selected.

I do not have a clue what either of the values refer to and they remain fixed when the oven is being used in Sous Vide mode. This occurs regardless of whether I am using the Timer or Probe.

Is anyone out there experiencing the same issues or have I received an APO which had been manufactured on a Friday afternoon after a long lunch?