Dead after 3.5 years.

My oven appears very unwell. It no longer heats, the interior light does not turn on and the rear fan does not run. The oven certainly thinks it is heating, and WiFi etc all run, but it doesn’t actually heat. Did factory reset, unplug for a while, etc.

Anyone else have this?

I’ve got a customer support request in, but frankly I think the best I can hope for is a discount code for a new one. I really love the APO, and used it heavily, but I am concerned about the lifespan. Mine is a very early gen, but the messages here make me worry that most of the early gremlins might have been replaced with newer gremlins.

I just sent mine back for a replacement. The one i sent back was a replacement for the original. Mine kept on quitting.

I have the same problem - The light does not turn on and heats / fan does not activate. Mine was the early batch too. They sent me a light bulb kit a couple days ago. I will replace it and see what it works or not.

I got an offer for 40% off with another purchase. My concern was on the quality of APO, my last only for 2.5 years and no repair service in Toronto. Now what should I do with this heavy hulk (May be I can use it as a safe box…)

Same here, after 3 years and 4 months, my APO bid good bye to the cruel world. Exact same problem! Over the time It was working, I probably used it between 10-15 times. So, very lightly used. My favorite recipe: whole chicken sous-vide! I’m going to miss it.

I have contacted Anova Support. The Support person was extremely professional, guided me through a lot of trouble shooting, but it’s still dead. The warranty on the unit expired, I know that. Just hope if there is a way to send it back in for repair. It’s going to be pretty painful to throw away a $600.00 lightly used oven.

Will I recommend this APO to potential new buyer? Absolutely not. The reliability of this appliance is very much in doubt.

I have had the SAME EXACT issue happen to my Anova paperweight. I mean, oven. Scouring the internet for a fix has proved unfruitful as well as finding a local repair shop.

Customer “support” provided no help (“try a different outlet”) and upon inquiring about updates to the “newer” model (even though an official refresh has never been announced) Monece Zapra at the anova support team responded with the following:

“Regarding the update on our hardware, our engineers are meticulously reviewing customer feedback to address all technical concerns. We have reinforced the tank with a high-temperature-resistant heat shield, repositioned the light assembly for optimal oven interior illumination, and upgraded the network cabling and tank hose to ensure efficient water distribution.”

sooooooo…no updates have been made to ensure your $600 investment is safe and you just have to take the risk of replacing every 2.5 - 3 years with no information about model refresh on the horizon.

Thanks anova!